Trickster to Hero-The Magick path of Chaos

Trickster to Hero-The Magick path of Chaos

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law

If you have read any of my articles before this, you have probably deduced that I am a huge fan of the Trickster Archetype. The Trickster has the type of personality in which I identify most with, playful, fun, carefree, and pretty chaotic.

What many people do not realize though, is that it is the Trickster who becomes the hero in many myths. He, never taken sThe Jester is a well known figure of the Trickster Archetypeeriously by his peers, is seen to rise above the flame and hardship, and somehow make it through on top and as the hero of the myth, against all odds.

Before I get started, I want to give a good example of this. The Christ, Son of God, is also known as Son of Man. God is the perfection of the Human Self, man is the joke of this perfection, whose number is less than the perfect 7, as it is 6. He stood before the leaders making claims of perfection, being mocked by those in power.

He was even killed on a cross, which stands for the transformation of the Trickster to the Hero that is resurrected a few days later.

So What’s the big Deal of the Trickster?

I get it. The Trickster seems childish and really a feeble character based on the pure name of Trickster. But picture with me, if you will, the different Tricksters that have made themselves known to us through our Psyche and Religious Experiences.

Christ, as I have pointed out, is probably the most prominent of our time. But consider others you may have heard of. Perhaps the most famous Trickster is that of LokiLoki from Norse Mythology, Set from Egyptian Mythology, and even Hercules, born a fatherless boy, the laughingstock of the town, was also part of the Trickster Mythology.

The Trickster is a huge deal in mythology. He is powerful and helpful. Loki was seen as one of the more powerful deities in Norse Mythology, and Set was the protector of the foreigners in Egypt. Of course, we all know about Hercules and his strength as well as the great transformation he went through.

The Trickster Archetype and Chaos Magick

Though a relatively new concept in Magick, Chaos Magick is a good example of how to perform Magick based off the Trickster Archetype. The Magick itself does not deal as much with the process as it does with the results.

The Trickster Archetype itself serves itself a lone, and indulges in the pleasures that it feels need to be met at the time. There is a self-centeredness that cannot be denied. As the Trickster develops in time, it loses this and becomes more connected to another entity.

The Trickster Archetype is known as a more Chaotic Archetype, many times the Trickster enjoys the Chaos that comes with their antics. This coincides with Chaos Magick because Chaos Magick is used to do just that, cause chaos Chaos Magick is beauty to those who practice itto the natural order due to its desire for immediate results.

In fact, one look at Chaos Magick text, and some might say it is Magick that was created by elaborate trolls looking to have fun and mess with people. In actuality though, even if this were the case, because Magick and Rituals come directly from the Unconscious, and Chaotic forces are part of the Direct Nature of the Trickster Archetype, the Magick is just as effective in reaching its goal, but on a more primitive way.

Trickster To Hero

When a person identifies with the Trickster Archetype, they really are identifying with an Archetype that deals with the base needs of the human person. The Archetype is like a devious child wanting to have fun, and usually does not mean to do harm to others.

What’s interesting about the Trickster though, is that when a defining moment of development happens, the Trickster begins to change in a more mature creation. This is, of course a process, and it can be a long process, but it is a process he must take in order to reach Individuation, or the Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel.

The most profound and recognizable hero archetypeWhen this process is reached, the student of the Occult then becomes the Hero. By their words and their deeds, and in following their True Will, they become a beacon of light to bring Truth to the next group who will be willing to listen.

For each person, of course, this defining moment is different. It does not mean that the Trickster Archetype is gone, and the Hero may very well still have a humorous personality. It does mean, though, that they have attained a level of Consciousness that allows them to reach and tap into enlightenment.

How to Start the Process

The most simple and effective way to kick start the process of becoming one with the Hero Archetype from the Trickster one is, in my opinion, fasting. Giving up certain foods is a classic in training the body and the mind to overcome its more carnal desires.

Also, not giving into primordial urges as frequently, as this releases chemicals in the brain that satisfy that temporary urge.

Abstaining from alcohol or some other addiction you may have to deal with helps as well.

Once you begin to conquer the urges of the mind and the body, you will be on the steps to Enlightenment. Be sure to meditate and do your magick rituals every day. Whether it be Chaos Magick, or Ceremonial Magick, it makes no difference, it will all lead on the path to enlightenment.

Check out this video here on magick and enlightenment!  It does a much better job than I could ever do on explaining the link!


The Trickster Archetype has much more to it than what many people realize. If one identifies particularly with this Archetype, you should not be ashamed of that, but instead realize the great potential you have. Myself, I have not really wanted to reach that Hero Stage just yet, except when it comes to my kids or other children, and that’s mostly because I like the Chaotic side of life.

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How about you though? What do you think about the Trickster Archetype, and do you identify with it at all? Please let me know below!

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

6 thoughts on “Trickster to Hero-The Magick path of Chaos

  1. A very interesting article about the Trickster Archetype. I really enjoyed reading it and I like the tips you are giving for becoming one with the Hero Archetype. I have been doing some fasting lately, just started with 24 hours, but it is a good exercise for the mind and body. I am also trying not to drink alcohol for a while.

    1. That is a great start! To be able to control the body is the start of controlling the mind!

  2. CJ Greene

    This is quite interesting. It’s almost like a coming of age story or an underdog story where the character you don’t expect steps up to save the day.

    A question I have. Can you consciously change your archetype? Or are you always drawn more towards one I matter how you attempt to become another? I know that it would be a long process of growth if doable, but do you believe it doable? Or are we all set on a path that we cannot truly change?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I believe that all the Archetypes are within each of us to some degree.  The ones we identify with typically go along with our personality or who we would like to become.

  3. Christine

    Like you, I also identify with the trickster’s personality. I am very organized in my chaos and when someone cleans up everything I find no structure in all that order and I am kind of lost 😉 I love the theory of the trickster becoming the hero. A trickster always makes a better hero because he is not flawless – so, he is more believable – and he has evolved, just like we humans evolve and mature throughout life.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Exactly!  The Trickster is, in essence, the greatest of the Heros!

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