The Tarot and the Occult- Princess of Disks

The Tarot and the Occult- Princess of Disks

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Hello, and welcome to the next card in our series Tarot and the Occult, the Princess of Disks. We are almost through the Disks series, with this card and the Queen as the only two left.The Deck by Crowley

This is a very powerful card, as it is represented as the Earthy part of the Earth. It has great intrinsic meaning to our lives and can tell us a lot about who we are psychologically, and what we need to do to become a better person.

Interestingly, this card will also have some fire symbolism mixed in with it, which I think helps make the case for how strong the card is. If this card was pulled on you during a reading, please take heed to what it means! The Princess of Disk is a cosmic powerhouse in my opinion!

So, without further a do, let’s get looking into this amazing card and see what it has to offer us in our daily lives and in our overall health!

Meaning of the Princess

The Princess of Disks has a beautiful meaning of Balance. She is able to take the forces of the elements, and balance them out into a more physical form.

When this card is drawn, it probably has something to do with your material life, but in a way that comes from some other aspect in your life, such as the spiritual or the emotional aspect.

This card is saying that one must come back to their basic instinct, and trust in it. The Earth Element is a very basic element in my opinion. It represents base needs that all people have. Perhaps you are struggling spiritually. This card could be saying try to fast, or maybe not fast so much if that is what you are doing.

So when this card is pulled in a reading, look at what else the reading is saying, and try to relate that to the Princess. She is sure to have some insight as to what you should be doing, or what you are doing that may or may not be working!

Also, I’ll leave you a video here, as I feel they do a good job explaining what they feel the Princess of Disks means. That way you have a more balanced view on things and can make up your own mind on what you think of this card!

Design of the Princess

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the head of the Princess. Notice that it is a ram, which is a symbol of Fire, AriePrincess of the Earths, the Great God of War. He who tears down and then rebuilds anew, creating something more powerful. This is an important theme for the Princess of Disks, as she also represents a sort of renewal in a person’s life. There may be destruction, but from the ashes of that destruction, rebirth comes, much like the Phoenix.

The next thing to look at is the shield. The shield has the Yin and Yang symbol on it. It is surrounded by 36 petals. I believe that this is yet again another sign of renewal. It shows the completion of a cycle, and thus, a new cycle starts. The Yin and Yang symbol on the shield show a perfect balance within the cycle change.

In the other hand of the Princess, we see a spear that has a diamond on it. I believe that this represents a spiritual aspect that shines within even the Earth Element. The Earth Element is often seen as the least spiritual element, and so the Princess brings a sort of balance within the Element, so it may experience the joy of spirituality.

We also see trees in the background. Trees are a common reference to the Earth Element, and it could represent, like above with the spear, a spiritual aspect that roots itself within the Earth.

Finally, notice the colors of the card. They are bright and beautiful, and almost have a fiery aspect to them. I feel this, once again, is a reference to the spiritual aspect of the Card.

Astrology and the Princess

The Astrology part of this card is a little harder for me to write about because I am not as well versed in astrology as many who do readings are, hence one of the reasons I do not feel I am worthy enough to do readings for people at this time.Astological signs

However, I can say that the princess is ruler over Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, and that she rules the north pole, Europe, and Africa. That is a lot to take in and I will do my best to explain it. However, I know that I will come short of a decent explanation, so if you want more on this topic, visit the site here, as they do a much better job than I do at explaining the Princess of Disks.

As she is the ruler of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, she has three different elements that she must balance. The only element missing is water. She must bring together the passion of Aries, the Strength of Taurus, and the Intelligence of Gemini. This is not an easy task by no means, but the Princess has the power to do that!

Psychological Meanings of the Princess

Though it is not always as noticeable, and it is not always something that people talk about when it comes to the tarot, unless it has a direct correlation to psychology.

The Princess of Disks has almost a synergy to her, where she brings many elements together, and balances them out into the form of the Earth Element. She is, in a sense, what it could mean to be the perfect human being, who balances the forces of his inner world, with that of his outer world, the unconscious with the conscious.

The MindShe is the element that is the closest related to the human person, that of the Earth, of which the human race comes from. Everything about her points to what it means to be a human being in totality, in essence, the goal of human kind.

Thus, in psychology, I think one can check out Jung and his writings on the mind, and reaching individuation, and see that the Princess of Disks actually fits into his ideas quite nicely.


So you have an idea of how I feel about the Princess of Disks. Honestly, I hold it in high regards because of how well it brings the elements together, even though I personally feel more attached to the fire element.

I believe the psychology in this card is near undeniable, and that is why I like the card so much. I was a psychology major in college, and I find it to be a subject that permeates every thing in our life, even if we are not always conscious of that reality. Anything that involves symbolism, behavior, or humanity in general, relates in some way to psychology.

Anyhow, I have been using the Thoth deck for this series, and so I highly recommend it if you want to keep up with what cards we are going over and what they look like. Also, the Thoth deck has been my favorite deck from the time I have started Tarot to now!

===>>> Check out my review on the Thoth Deck here!! <<<===

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6 thoughts on “The Tarot and the Occult- Princess of Disks

  1. ronnytan

    Hi Jessie, I learned to understand about the world of Tarot through your website. And sorry i got some question in mind:

    Is Tarot a part of the occult?

    And how can a card depict the fate of someone?

    One more thing, what is the meaning of “Ba Gua” and Yin Yang mirrors that are described in “Design of the Princess”?

    Thank you very much for your explanation!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Ronny, I would say that the Tarot can be for the Occult, but it does not have to be.  I believe that each card holds secrets to the Universe, and that is why they can predict accurately some of the things that could happen to us in real life.  The mirrors probably reflect the nature of the card.

  2. Jake

    If you pull the Princess Disk then you cannot deny it. You gotta own it. Look that up on this site here. 

    The princess of disks is all about balance. It is a earth element so that says a lot. It is pretty basic as you said. Now if there was some fire in there, that would really stir things up.

    I am a fire element myself so it keeps my life nice and interesting.

    This is a fantastic and awesome article. The site is also excellent. Keep of the great work!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much! When I started studying tge Tarot, the Princess of Disks became one of my favorite cards!

  3. Parveen

    Hey Jessie, Thanks for writing on The Tarot and the Occult- Princess of Disks. I enjoy while reading your article and take out many things like the tell us a lot about who we are psychologically, and what we need to do to become a better person. Thanks for sharing such a useful ideas. I hope they will help me a lot.


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for the awesome and thoughtful comment!  My hope is to get people thinking about these things and to see them in a new light!

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