The Bible and the Occult- Genesis 36-40

The Bible and the Occult- Genesis 36-40

Do What Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

It has been an interesting journey through Genesis so far. We have been looking at different ways the Bible and the Occult connect with one another.

I’ll be honest, as well, I was not expecting to see so many connections with the Occult and with Psychology, but they are there and I’m glad I have started this series!

We have been through some controversial topics, and today will be no different. Today we will be looking at a passage that many fundamentalist Christians say proves the sinfulness of self gratification, and having sexual relations for pleasure and not for producing babies.

We are now transitioning away from the Patriarchs of Israel, and starting to focus on one of Jacob’s (whose name is Israel and Josephnow Israel) sons, Joseph.

For the rest of Genesis, most of the passages will be on Joseph and what he goes through do to his own naivety and through the arrogance of his brothers.

As always, I want to point out that I am using the Catholic Answers Bible, which is a New American Bible, Revised Edition translation. I like this translation, and it is a great Bible!

So with all that out of the way, let’s get looking at these chapters!

Descendants of Esau- Genesis 36

There is not really much to say about this. It’s a chapter over the descendants of Esau. I do want to point out something, though, and that is Jewish Tradition on Esau.

They hold that Esau ended up dying because he would not allow his brother Jacob to be buried in the cave with the rest of the family. He perhaps, did not want to suffer the consequences of selling his birthright.

So one of Jacob’s grandsons took a club and killed Esau with it, knocking Esau head into the cave, so the legend is that Esau head was buried in the cave as well.

If you are interested in Esau story check out this link! It has some references as well, thus it can keep you busy for a while!

A Son Sold- Genesis 37

This is the first chapter that really focuses on Joseph. Starting out, we see that Israel loved his son Joseph, the youngest of his sons, more so than the other ones. This created an animosity between the others and Joseph.

Joseph, in his youth and arrogance, told his brothers of two different dreams he had, where it basically said he would rule over them. He made matters worse for him and his brothers, who grew to hate him.

Then his father gives him a beautiful coat and ask him to go get his brothers. When he went to find them, they Joseph sold into Slaveryplanned on killing him. Reuben changed their minds and was going to save Joseph later.

Instead they throw him in a well and end up selling him into slavery. When Reuben returned he started to wonder what to do. So the brothers put goats blood on the coat, and convinced their dad he was dead.

Jacob grieved so much that no one could help him feel better.

So I think there is some interesting points. I think that Joseph has been shown to be a Trickster figure here. He is young and naive, caring only for his feelings of gratification, being better than his brothers.

We will start to see the Transformation to hero later on, but for now, it is obvious Joseph has a long way to go. We also see that he has dreams, dreams that point to the future. I feel like this is important to the Occult community because it shows the power of dreams, and how they can be used to tell the future, and tell us about who we are. As occultist, we must never neglect our dreams, and in fact, I actually keep a diary of mine, which goes all the way back to 2010.

But anyway, we see also that Israel did not help the matter any when he treated Joseph differently. We have to be careful how we treat others, and showing partiality is not always the best way to go, especially when it comes to family. If we look at it from a psychological point, Joseph is the side of our mind that looks toward instant gratification. There are many other parts of our psychological Self though, and just to name one, Levi would stand for the Religious part. We need to try to balance that out.

As we see, without that balance, there is a potential that the Shadow part of our personality will come out, and it can cause a great imbalance that could harm us psychologically. I feel Judah is the example of the brother who could stand as the Shadow here, because he was seen as the strong brother, and indeed, Israel ended up breaking into two kingdoms, the Israelite Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Judah.

Sin of Onan- Genesis 38

So now comes the interesting section. First we see that Esau wanted Onan to have sexual relations with his sons wife, because his son died.

Onan did so but he basically spilled his seed outside of her, and he was struck dead for doing so. I feel this is probably the most important story of the chapter because of the controversy surrounding it. I’m going to attach a video here so that you can see how a Traditional Christian views the story. They go through several interpretations on that story.

I am not sure why this topic is so controversial. I’m not sure what exactly this passage means, and I can’t connect this to the occult or psychology, but I do not think it is fair to come to the conclusion that sex without the intentions of having kids is bad based off the passage.

I do believe that there is a hint of psychology here. Remember, Judah was seen as the tough brother, and naturally people were afraid of him and would not oppose what he said. I honestly feel like Judah may have been part of the reason Onan died. So it furthers the Shadow aspect of Judah which we saw in the last chapter.

Joseph the Slave- Genesis 39

This chapter starts off with Joseph being sold into slavery in Egypt. He begins to prosper because the Divine is with him. He is seen as a very blessed man who was well respected where he worked. I do find it interesting that slavery in the ancient times like this seemed to be a lot less like what we view it as now, as it seemed those in slavery were treated pretty nicely.

Joseph was a slaveApparently Joseph had great stature and a woman in the household wanted to sleep with him. When he continued to refuse her, she finally claimed he tried to rape her and ran away when she screamed for someone. It didn’t help his case any that he actually did run away.

Because of this, though, he was thrown in prison. However, the myth tells us that the Divine was with him, and had him prosper even in the prison, where he worked as a minister.

I think this chapter serves as a chapter that bridges the gap between Joseph’s life in slavery, to his life in prison, which will actually be pretty important.

I do find it interesting that the Divine is constantly with Joseph. I wonder if this is a hint that he is in touch with his Holy Guardian Angel? Perhaps!

Jail and Dreams- Genesis 40

In this chapter we see how Joseph has become a big influence in the prison. Many people look up to him, especially for Divine guidance. He had become like a prophet of his Holy Guardian Angel.

The Pharaoh sent two of his workers in the prison. They both had dreams that they knew meant something, but they did not know what it meant.

Joseph was able to interpret the dreams, telling one man he would be safe and have a great feast when he gets out of prison in three days. The other would be executed in three days.

Joseph asked the one who would live to remember him, and let the pharaoh know he was in there wrongfully. WhenJoseph interpretting dreams Joseph was proven right, the man who lived forget to tell the pharaoh about Joseph.

Again, this myth I think is a myth, and it goes to show the transformation that Joseph has went through. He is no longer the naive Trickster, but has become a mature figure, being groomed as the hero, who is going through what seems to be an impossible task that he will never get out of, which is common for the Hero Archetype.

It also tells of a story that the family of Israel had to go through, because the nation of Israel wanted to make it clear what their ancestors had to go through.

Myth of Transformation

In these chapters we saw of Joseph and his transformation from a Trickster Archetype, to a Hero one. These five chapters alone showed that transformation, which we all tend to go through in some way or another.

If you are interested in this series and want to know more, be sure to check out my review on the Catholic Answers Bible! It is a great version!

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

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  1. Jesse what I remember about reading these passages in scripture is the negative concept of ‘envy” Joseph’s brothers felt for Joseph because their father favored Joseph over them. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks for sharing and sorry for being so late in commenting. Thanks.

    1. I think that can actually be a valid interpretation, as envy can cause issues with the psychological health and tear relationships apart.

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