Tarot Decks-Top Three reviews

Tarot Decks-Top Three reviews

So you are wondering about what Tarot decks to buy? There are so many options out there it may seem like a daunting task that is nearly impossible to accomplish. But don’t fret! Let’s look at the Top Three Tarot Decks!

First Know YOU are in control!

You in control of what Tarot cards are best for you! In this list I will review what I feel are the top three Tarot Cards from decks I have actually had. Except for the Thoth Deck, it really came down to how beautiful the cards were and how I felt they spoke to me.you have the power!

So do not fret if you do not like the decks I am reviewing, you can buy any deck that you feel is best for you!

So now that I got that out of the way, let’s look at the Decks I have used, and we will start with what is my own personal favorite, the Thoth Deck.

Top Three Tarot Cards Review

Thoth Deck-The Deck of Crowley

Ratings (out of 10)-10

Pros-Beautiful Design, Crowley’s own deck, deck for those who practice Thelema,

Cons- deck was designed by Crowley, not my personal favorite with design

Recommend- Yes!


The Thoth Deck! This is my favorite deck by far! It’s not the most beautiful deck, I’ll admit, but it fits my own lifestyle and spiritual belief system better than the other two.

I am an active believer in Thelema, thus I am a little biased! So please don’t attack me for this, I just want a deck that was made by the founder of the Religion I follow, plus…

I have had some scary accurate Results!

I started reading my mother’s past, which is something she had never really talked about with her kids. I was reading it so well that she demanded me to stop and no longer continue with the reading.

This happened when I first started using Tarot Cards. I read my mother’s past with the two decks I had, and it was the Thoth deck that scared her because of it’s revealing nature.

So call me biased, but this is my favorite deck!

Here is a video as well, so you can get a balanced view on the Thoth deck!

Fournier Gothic-The Most Beautiful Deck


Pros-The most beautiful deck I have ever seen, amazing artist made it, easy to use, for everyone

Cons-Not had as great results, not specific to my personal needs

Recommend- Yes!


The Deck of an Artist

I have personally never seen such a beautiful deck. In fact, I’m pretty sure Anne Stokes, the artist of this deck, is actually an aBeautiful Tarotrtist who specializes in Gothic Art. I have not got any of her pieces, other than the deck, but I have looked at them online.

This was the other deck that I read for my mother that day. Though it was accurate, it was not scary accurate like the Thoth deck was.

She let me finish my reading with this deck and she personally likes it better.

This is a great deck for Everyone!

The Hermetic Tarot


Pros- deck for all, beautiful deck, a nice deck to show people, simple design

Cons- The deck is black and white making it bland

Recommend- Yes

Price- 17.50

Deck of simplicity, deck for Hermetics

Simple is good! I admit I don’t really use this deck much. However, it is a very simple deck. The simplicity of it is absolutely beautiful, and it fits the name of the deck.

The only reason that it got a 7 for me is because I’m not a big fan of the deck. Remember, this is my own personal list, though, and you may feel a great connection to this deck. That’s okay!

The Beauty of it all

The beauty of the Tarot is that each deck is different for each person. You should find the deck that works best for you. These are mere ratings of the decks I have! If you feel a connection with one of them, I recommend trying them out! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will get back with you!  Also, do not forget to subscribe so you do not miss a post!

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8 thoughts on “Tarot Decks-Top Three reviews

  1. I’ve seen Tarot cards in movies and heard how they are used in Future telling, yet I didn’t know how much variety of designs and cards there is out there. Do they all have the same internal concept of card content but different designs?

    1. They all do have the basic internal concept I believe. Much of the difference honestly is he design and who designed them. That’s the main reason I was saying it comes down to what the individual likes! It’s an unconscious desire for whatever design for whatever internal reasons exist.

  2. Joo

    I’m intrigued by your experience with how accurate the Thoth deck is. You’ve got me really interested to try it out, though I find that the one that speaks to me is the Hermetic deck, the design appeals to me.

    I’ll give these two decks a closer look. Thanks for these wonderful recommendations!

    1. You are welcome! I would say definitely try the Hermantic one first, if it draws you to it! It is a really simple deck and simplicity is not a bad thing! In fact, simplicity is the basic blocks of the laws of the Universe and the Collective Unconscious. One could make a very valid point that simplicity is actually better than more complexity!

  3. Chrissy

    I had not realized one deck could give such a more accurate reading than another. As with anything your connection to something will bring more out of it. The Anne Stoke deck is beautiful.

  4. I didn’t know so many different decks existed. I thought there was one type of deck and that’s it. That’s pretty impressive to see there are many different looks. Depending on the one you choose, can they tell different things?
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    1. I personally don’t believe they tell different things. Some connect better with certain people, and that can affect the outcome of the reading insofar that it will have a stronger reading.

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