Tarot and the Occult- Prince of Disk

Tarot and the Occult- Prince of Disk

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Hello everyone and welcome to the next installment of Tarot and the Occult. Today we will be looking at the Prince of Disk, who represents the Air Element in the Earth.Back of the Thoth Deck

We have been through nearly all the Disks cards thus far, and we have seen that many of them have good meanings. Now that we are in major cards of the Disks, interpretations are a little more confusing and different.

I want to point out that I am only doing one post a week on the Tarot right now because of the holidays. I hope your are understanding of this, and if not, I’m sorry!

Keep in mind that I am going to be using the Thoth deck, so the design from the cards I go over are exclusively based off that Deck!

So with all that out of the way, let’s get into this awesome card!

Meaning of The Prince

The Prince of Disks represents the Air part of the Earth. Because of this, there is certain intelligence that the Knight of Disk does not possess.

The Prince is quite intuitive, and has a vivid imagination. He is in a meditative state, yet in control of his chaotic environment. Therefore he still has the strength that the Knight also has.

This card shows the importance of looking inward, and finding the answers within yourself. When this card is pulled, the Prince is trying to tell your that it is important to focus inward.

Whatever your issue is that your need to learn about, this card is trying to say to think about the issue, and the options your have to fix it. Only then should your continue forward with a solution.

I will also leave a video here so your can see what others say about the card! It’s good to see what other people are saying, that way your get a more balanced view of the card, and a better overall understanding.

Design of the Card

So one of the first things to look at is the crown that is on the Prince. The crown is a winged bull, whiPrince of Disksch represents Taurus. This is the Earth like side of the Card, which belongs to the Disks, the Element of Earth itself.

In the back ground we see fruits and globes of Nitrogen. These represent both the Elements that the Prince of Disks belongs to, as Nitrogen is an air element.

Then we turn to the Chariot. The Chariot is the color of the Earth, which makes sense considering it is an earth card. There is some information involving the tree of life here too. If your want to know more about that, and the Tree of Life check out this link here!

Then we see that the prince is in a meditative state. This is the air part of the sign, which is more contemplative than the earth one, but his strength is shown, as the Earth symbol.

Then there is the orb in the hand of the prince, which represents the sun, and the prince rules over the agriculture and how it grows.

The Prince Rules

The first card that the Prince rules over is the Disks of Worry, the five of Disks. This shows a bit of worry within the Prince because he relies too much on his physical power

This causes beautifulgreat anxiety and it is a reminder that one must not focus solely on the physical realm of dealing with issues. It is important to think about issues as well, and try to come up with many solutions, picking from the one your think is best.

He also rules over the four of wands. The four of wands is a card of completion. This shows what happens when the Prince sees things through to the end. There is a sense of completeness in the task.

It helps the Prince realize that he should never get stuck in a one framed mind, where he believes there is only one way to do things and there is not other way.

Finally, this card also rules over the six of disks. The six of disk is a sign of success. We have already been over it, along with the five, and we have seen what this card means!

This card shows the success of the prince, and that he typically has great wealth follow him around due to his resourcefulness.

These three cards together show how important success is to the Prince, and that if one wants to succeed, it is possible when this card is pulled on them! However, it takes patience, intuitiveness, and a strong will that will allow them to continue forward!

Working with this Card

Working with the Prince of Disks is vital for anyone who gets the card. It is important that your take things one step at a time, and your really focus on the task at hand.

When your are dealing with the problem, be sure to think about the different outcomes that can come from it. If your do this, and your do it consistently, your are sure to succeed in your endeavors!


four elementsThe Prince of Disks is a great card to see, in my opinion. The value of hard work, but also with using the mind is something that I find intriguing, and it should not be something one would want to run away from!

If your get this card, see it as an opportunity to be able to get great things done, as the Lord of Agriculture, the Prince of Disks sees to it that what he wants to accomplish gets done when he wants it done.

This interpretation comes from the design and ideas behind the Thoth Deck. It is a great deck with great designs, and was made by one of my hero’s, Aleister Crowley.

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Thank your for reading!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

14 thoughts on “Tarot and the Occult- Prince of Disk

  1. Tucker

    I find that most times when I’m struggling with direction or decision-making in my life, some form of wisdom pops up that suggests I should look inward for the answers I seek. This seems to align with the Prince of Disk. I’m really thankful that you offered a detailed description of the design of the card, as there was a lot I didn’t notice upon first glance (such as the entire chariot!). Thanks for the incredible detail in your breakdown of this card! 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are welcome! There is a wealth of knowledge in the Tarot cards! People do not realize that!

  2. Mikhail

    Thanks for your article.

    Now, I see that you have a lot of knowledge on the occult. What makes me wonder is what was your first experience that first pushed you into studying the occult? For example, I had an OBE a while back, maybe in 2013, which made me extremely interested in these kinds of topics. Another question would be: Have you ever used a method of prediction that actually works, even with a 20% error margin?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Hey thanks for your response! I first got interested when I was in middle school, and it just grew from that honestly. As for your other question, what do you mean?

  3. Benjamin

    i am still trying to figure out some of the rules. is it true that The Prince of Disks rules from 21 degrees Aries to 20 degrees Taurus and rules three minor arcana cards? i was told that The Princes are found in the sixth sephiroth, Tiphareth in the middle of the Tree of Life which represents harmony. is this sephiroth also associated with beauty?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Wow you are very knowledgeable!  Where did you learn all that?

  4. king

    i never knew much about drawing of cards but this post is definitely insightful. i have now discovered that the prince card shows the importance of looking inward, also finding the answers all from within yourself. i also know now that When this card is pulled, the Prince is communicating to you that it is important to turn your focus inward. thanks for this post.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are welcome and thank you!!

  5. Rose

    Thanks for this great post on the tarot and the occult, the Prince of the desk, at times when j see this card it says a lot of message to me, he rules and controls all the activities on the earth, this means you need to focus on your life, rule over everything partaining to your life and make wrong things right ,thanks 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Yes and thank you for the awesome response!

  6. Parveen

    Hello Jessie,

    I see such cards in tv or movies. I see you have done a best research on Prince of Disks. I will try some cards soon.  Yes, It is grate card Lord of Agriculture, the Prince of Disks sees. It’s design is awesome in my views. What you think now?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you! I like the card!

  7. Vwegbah

    Hello Jessie. Nice to see you share this post on Tarot and the Occult- Prince of Disk. Okay! This is the second post I am reading that has Tarot in it. Really cool.

    I got an insight about it all starting from what the prince means, the design of the card and the rules of the prince. I love the idea this card is pointing to. If we can actually think deep about a situation at hand for a solution and perfect way out, we can actually come out with good answers and ways to solve our problems too. This card really is cool.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!

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