Tarot and the Occult- Lord of Wealth

Tarot and the Occult- Lord of Wealth

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Today we will be going over the last minor card in the Disk suit. We have been over nine of them so Back of the Thoth Deckfar, and we have seen majority of good cards. Today, that trend will continue.

The ten of Disks is ruled by the Lord of Wealth. This is a great card to have pulled, typically. It has good symbolism, as well as great meaning. So today we will be looking at what it could mean if you get the Lord of Wealth drawn in one of your readings.

Before I begin though, I want to point out that I use the Thoth deck. I like this deck because I have had so much success with it, and I am a follower of Thelema, which is the philosophy of Aleister Crowley, the creator of the Thoth deck.

If you would like to check out my review on the Thoth deck, and a few other decks, check out my link here! I try to pull from my personal experience with each deck, and tell you why I prefer the Thoth deck over the other two!

Also, because I am using the Thoth deck, what you may know as pentacles is called disks in this deck. There is nothing wrong with either word, I don’t think. It’s more of a preference.

So with all that out of the way, let’s get looking into the Lord of Wealth in our series Tarot and the Occult!

Wealth is Gained

The Lord of Wealth does exactly what he says he does. He brings forth wealth to the person who has the card drawn. This wealth is typically some material wealth. It can be money, food, or anything of the likes.

However, it does not always mean wealth gained materially. It can be an internal wealth gained. Happiness and joy can come from this card. This makes me pretty happy because I can come about this card with a psychological background as well.

Though I have separated the two, it makes sense that they would be connected. Imagine the internal gain you would get, the joy that would fill your inner being, if you got wealth in money. I know that I would because I have a family and to have extra money would mean that my kids would have more. To me, that is the ultimate source of joy, seeing them happy! You see, then, they do not necessarily need to be disconnected!

Attached is a video of someone else’s interpretation of the 10 of disks, so if your interested in another point of view, check that out!

Design of Success

This is a beautiful card in my opinion. I really like the color of the disks, because it blends perfectly with the darker background, plus, my late grandmother’s favorite color was yellow.

One of the thingLord of Wealths to notice about this card is on each disk there is a symbol of Mercury, except the eighth one. However, we see that it is a Hexagram within a Hexagram. When we break it down to its number, 36, we can break that down to a Mercury number!

I’m no expert at numerology, though, and it confuses me at times. So if you are interested on numerology, as well as the Tree of life in its relation to this card, click here! This site has some good information on it about the different symbols in the Tarot deck.

This card also is here to warn us to not become too dependent on money. We see that the last disk is larger than the rest, and to not get to much into the Tree of Life, that is the position of Malkuth. Malkuth deals with material things, and this card does too.

It reminds us to keep a health balance, and so the larger disk is balanced out through Mercury, with intelligence and Creativity.

Virgo the Virgin

So to start into the Astrology part of the card, we see that Virgo the Virgin is the sign in which the Lord of Wealth falls into. This can be very fitting, though we have to be careful.

Virgo is a prudent sign, therefore, she can build up wealth through her actions. So perhaps, one of the reasons she is the sign in which this card falls under is because it is telling you to be a little prudent and the outcomes can be Virgo the Prudentgreat!

It’s hard to see how Virgo really fits in, though, until you add in the ruling sign, which is Mercury, so…

Mercury, the Communicator and Creative one

Mercury is a creative sign. Not to mention he is also the communicator of the signs. Because of this, he fits great into the Wealth card.the messenger

Through his creativity, and the prudence of Virgo, it is easy to see how wealth can be brought forth. The two signs work together beautifully for this.

Mercury was also seen, in alchemy, as an element that could bring forth gold, or be part of the elixir of life. So that could also explain a lot on why Wealth falls under Mercury.

Truly a Card of Wealth

This card has every sign of Wealth. The Lord of Wealth truly resides in this card, and his personifications are great within it. If you get this card expect good things as long as you are smart about the path you are taking.

This actually concludes the minor cards of the Disks. It’s been interesting so far, and next we will be looking at the major cards of the Disks, which will only take four post, because there are only four major cards of each suit.

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

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