Tarot and the Occult- Knight of Disks

Tarot and the Occult- Knight of Disks

Do what Thou Will shall be the whole of the Law

Hi all and welcome to the next card in the series of the Tarot and the Occult!  The Knight of Disks is the first card we look at that is not a minor arcana.  The Knight of Disks rules over three minor arcana cards, the seven of Swords, eight of Disks, and nine of disks. More on that later though.

We have seen tEgyptian God Thothhat there are some pretty good cards in the Disks suit, and there are a few darker ones.  Now that we are in these types of cards, interpretation will get a little more blurred.  Luckily, the Disks are cards that are more concrete since they are mostly cards that deal with the material world.

Remember that I am using the Thoth deck, so you may be familiar with the suit being called pentacles, and not disks.  That is okay though!  It is more of a preference and not a dogma.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get started!

Knight of Disks, the Lord of the Fertile Land

The Knight of Disks represents the fire element in Earth.  The Element is being repressed.  The Earth is the ruler here, and it shows how strong the card is.  The Knight is seen as a strong provider of life.

The Knight focuses more on the physical side of life.  It has a rather shallow emotional and psychological, and spiritual side.

This card represents strength of the will, of the body.  It has power behind it.  This card can strengthen the cards Fertile Landaround it, and give life to them, making their effects even stronger.

It could also be telling a person that they will need to be strong in the coming months.  This card could also mean that, if you are persistent in what you are doing, fertile fruits will come from that!

To learn more about what this card means, click the link here!  There is some good information on this site that might give you some answers to questions that you have over things like I-Ching and the Tree of Life, which I do not know much about and I don’t want to mislead anyone on.

Design of the Card

This is a beautiful card, if you ask me.  It looks like a strong, and controlling card, and that is true.  It is pKnight of Disksowerful card.  We see in it, the knight who is not going to battle, but instead, is taking care of the wild animals and the land.

His horse looks relaxed, as they are not going into battle.  The knight himself, with helmet lifted up, stares far off into the distance.

His helmet has a stag on top of it.  The Stag is a symbol of Prudence, and we even saw that one of the Disk cards was indeed prudence.  This seems to be a common theme within the suit of the Disks.

We also see that his shield is turned away from us.  I would be curious to know what the front of the shield has to offer in way of symbolism, but maybe that is the symbol.  The shield facing away, as if to open the body up and maintain a strong physical appearance

The weapon of choice is actually not a real weapon at all, but instead is used to plow the field.  The Knight knows that one must have good land and food to survive.  His prudence is paying off.

The symbolism in this card shows that the Lord of the Harvest is being invoked to bring forth a great gain in a person’s life.

Ruler of Three

So one of the biggest differences between this card and the other ones we have already looked at is the fact it rules over other cards.  The Knight of Disks rules over these cards, and each one does something different for the Lord of the Fertile Land.Knight of Pentacles

Eight of Disks:  This is a great card to be a ruler over, and it shows he is over prudence.  There is that word again.  It seems this card has a lot to do with prudence.  It also shows how that he is patient and strong in his goals.  It is a good card to rule over especially in conjunction with the other cards he rules over.

Nine of Disks:  This card shows that he has success in the things he does.  His prudence and valor (the net card we will look at), is strong, and it gets him to the goals he has set out, but only in due time.

Seven of Wands:  The final card he rules over is valor.  The valor shows how persistent he is in what he is doing, and how he will do it nonstop until his goals are reached.  When you add all these cards together you have a great show of strength and will power, which leads the Knight to what he wants.

Astrology and the Knight

The Lord of the Fertile Land rules from Leo and Virgo respectively.  The sunlight that comes from the two decans of Virgo make sense with this card, because the sunlight is needed for Fertile Land.

Leo is a powerful sign as well.  Leo shows the Strength of the Knight, and what’s interesting here is that Leo is the fire that is being repressed by the Earthy Virgo within the card.

Of course, this is not all that can be said about the card, so I am leaving a video here that you can watch to learn more about the Knight of Disks.

Conclusion- The Fertile Land

So there it is!  As you can see, this card has an awesome meaning to it.  There was a lot that pointed to fertile lands, and good news.  However, remember that to get to that fertile land, you have to work for it and be patient.  This card is a card of patience for good outcomes

I used the Thoth deck today, to go over what the card looks like.  I love the Thoth deck and I recommend getting it not just for this study every week, but also for your own personal use!

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If you have any questions please leave them below!  I’ll do my best to get back with you as soon as possible!  Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post!  I have cut back on how many post I’m doing, but that is because I’m pretty busy right now, due to the holidays.

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T.

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  1. Rose

    Thanks for this post on the knight and disks, this card is really a symbol to.work for good and to he very patient, the card really symbolises a lot of good things on the earth , thanks for dropping where to be studying more on this card its really worth knowing it and what it really stands for ,thanks 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      thank you very much and you are welcome!

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