Tao Te Ching Review

Tao Te Ching Review

Awesome Book Review!

Tao Te Ching Review

Review- 3 out of 5 stars3 stars

Amazon Review- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Price- 9.99 paperback, 16.98 hardback

Pages- 144

Author- Lao Tzu, translated by Stephen Mitchell

Publisher- Harper Perennial Modern Classics

Pros- Short read, historical, a book needed if you want to join A∴A∴, very eastern mysticism

Cons- In my opinion a little dry, hard to understand for the student, very eastern mysticism (yes that is in both sections!)

Where to Buy- Amazon


A Book for Mystics

The Tao Te Ching is a book for mystics for sure! It has a wealth of knowledge, wrapped up in mystical ideas that permeate much of how the Eastern people used to think, and even how some think today. It is a shame that communist China has tried to eradicate this past, because we can in fact learn a lot from it.

Because it is a book for a more mystical minded person, especially those who like eastern mysticism, it can go over the heads of some readers. This is why it is both a pro and a con.

Eastern thoughts are quite different from western ones, and for those of us who have studied under a more western type school, we may have trouble understanding what the book is saying. I still recommend it, though, especially so that you may study and try to learn what the book is saying.

Short Read but Wealth of Knowledge!

One of the amazing things about this book is how short it is, but how much knowledge it contains within those few pages. You get so much for your money when you buy this book!

Eastern Mysticism can be wrapped up in this book, and if you studied one ancient text of the Eastern Religions, this is the one you should go for!

I have embedded a video below for your convince, that way you can see what others are saying about this awesome book!

Book for those who want to join the A∴A∴

One of the main reasons the student of the Occult would want this book is because it is a required reading text for the Student who wants to join A∴A∴.The official seal of Thelema

This book helps bring an Eastern Perspective to this magickal school of thought, and Crowley actually spoke very highly of the book, and was shocked that many in his time did not like it very well.

So if you plan on joining this school of Magick, I highly recommend going ahead and buying this book, because you will end up needing it!

There is a History that Communism tried to Destroy

Along with many teachings of ancient beliefs and religions, the communist government during the reign of Mao, and some would argue they are still, tried to eliminate all traces of them. It was a dark time for China. This book made it out of that purge because it was already published outside of China, thank goodness.

So now that when you have this book, you may be pissing off some communist that reside in China, and I think that is a win for everyone, considering what China is doing to Hong Kong right now. I now that is a little political, but I’m a pretty political person, and have strong emotions toward China and Hong Kong so yeah, sorry about that, only I’m not sorry!

As a history lesson, I’ll leave an interesting video on what Communist China has done to its history below.

Who is this for?

1. The Mystic

2. Anti-Communist

3. Thelema Practitioner

4. Those wanting to Join a magick school of thought

5. Those who like ancient Chinese Beliefs

Who is this not for?

1. Communist

2. Those not interested in Eastern Mysticism

3. Those who have shut themselves away from spirituality


So ultimately, this book is for anyone who is interested in ancient text, and likes to study eastern mysticism. For those who want to join the Magickal School created by Crowley, this book is absolutely needed! I suggest you go ahead and get it while you can!

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8 thoughts on “Tao Te Ching Review

  1. This seems like a very interesting book. I am not a communist but I am interested in mysticism, so it would be nice to read this one. Thanks for a great review!


    1. Hehe this book is probably a good one for you to get then!

  2. Sebastian

    Thank you for posting this review out there.
    I heard about this book a long time ago but didn’t have more information about it.
    Thank God I found your review. It seems this book is filled with wealth. I will surely buy it even I don’t want to join the A∴A∴
    All the best!

  3. This book sounds interesting. I wouldn’t say I fit into any of those categories that you mention but I do have thirst for knowledge. Do you practice any of the theories yourself? Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. I am actually studying to join the Magickal Order I spoke of. I’m definitely not a communist either lol!

  4. Asen

    Hey there,

    That book looks awesome. I am not a communist but it still I might find it interesting. What are some good alternatives?

    1. Oh this one is good for you then if you are not a communist !

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