Psychic Development 101- A Review

Psychic Development 101- A Review

One of the main reasons I made this site was to talk about the connection of psychology and the Occult. It is only fitting that I would get into the psychic part of the Occult, because that is directly linked to psychology and the mind.

So today I’d like to do a short review on a book called Psychic Development 101 by Laurie Barraco. This is a huge topic in the Occult community. Psychic Development is so important because it’s development helps the magician connect with their Holy Guardian Angel, which in my opinion, is the Higher Self within the Collective and Individual Unconsciousness.

So with all that in mind, let’s look at Psychic Development 101 and see if it is a book worth buying!

Psychic Development 101 Review

Name- Psychic Development 101

Author- Laurie BarracoPsychic Development 101

Where to buy-

Overall Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pros- covers a wide variety of topics, easy read, short read, authored by a psychic who has helped thousands of people

Cons- My biggest is that it goes over reincarnation and I personally am not a fan of reincarnation. That being said, that is a personal issue, so if you don’t mind learning connections to reincarnation, then this wouldn’t be a con for you!

Price- 15.95

Recommend- Yes

Develop your Inner Psychic!

in this book you are taught the most important things of developing your psychic abilities. We all have them, we just have to learn how to work and develop them over time. The goal of this book is to do just that!

It’s important to realize that even though most, if not all people, do have psychic abilities, many do not know how to use them, or how to develop it enough to use it. That is the beauty of this book! It gives you the knowledge to do it, and then you have to take the next step and do it yourself, as with anything of course.

I will leave a video below for your viewing to learn more about how everyone has an inner Psychic!

Certified Psychic

This book was not written by some random person who likes to study Magick, but is also not known as a psychic. This book was written by a woman who is actually known for her psychic abilities. She is in the position to be able to teach others on how to develop those abilities, and use the in their own magick pracareer as paralegalctices and more.

According to her biography, she actually started out as a paralegal, and was unfilled with that job, so she set out to work on her psychic abilities. One of the reasons I like her style is because she is also a spiritual adviser. That is something we do not have a lot of these days since people are drifting away from spirituality. I believe this is a tragedy of our modern society, and it’s nice to see there are still people who believe we need that.

More than just Reading the Future

Another reason I like this book is because it goes over much more than just reading the future and all the typical idea psychicof what we have about psychic abilities, because there is much more to psychic abilities than that. Perhaps my favorite part about the book is that it deals with spirit guides and angels.

In my opinion, searching for answers by reaching out to your inner self, your higher power, the Holy Guardian Angel, is key to living a successful and mystic life. You may not always feel it is successful, but if you are listening to your Holy Guardian Angel, than you are probably going to be successful, even when you feel you are failing.

That is why I speak so highly of Psychic Development 101. It deals with the topic of angels and contacting them! If you would like to learn more about that, and the Holy Guardian Angel, check out the post I did covering that topic!

It also deals with Meditation, which is something else I really like. Meditation is an important part of the Occultist life, be it a meditative state while doing a ritual, Qi-Gong, Yoga, or just meditation in general, it is vital. Meditation helps the Student to center their focus and create a hypnotic state of mind in which the floodgates of the unconscious can be opened and change can begin to occur!

Good Price of Quality Knowledge

Sometimes I really hate the cost of books. Especially those that deal with Magick, the Occult, or anything that goes over those topics. Some books you can expect to be upwards of 100 dollars or more! That is ridiculous if you ask me.

This book is under 16 dollars! That is pretty cheap for books that you can expect to pay around 25 dollars for. This is especially true considering the author is known for her ability to communicate with the spirits, and helping people out, especially down in the Floridia area.

What she talks about in this book is vital as well. This is something I think everyone should be reading, and it’s an easy read! She really tries to make it user-friendly, because she knows that there are going to be people who are knowledge for the massesnew to developing their psychic ability, and they are not going to understand things like Astral Planes unless you are able to explain what you mean by that.

So it is user-friendly, and it is not a terribly long read. You could read this book in about a day or two, depending on how fast you read. I would not suggest that, but it is possible. I actually suggest taking it one chapter at a time, and learning from that chapter, meditating upon it, and doing something it may have went over. That way you actually get the most of the book!

Conclusion- Psychic Development 101

Yeah it is definitely worth the money! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is studying the Occult or Magick in general! It’s informative, helpful, and easy to read. This is definitely something that would be good for any of the beginners but also something that more advanced students can check out as well!

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20 thoughts on “Psychic Development 101- A Review

  1. Danijel

    Hello Jessie, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I was always interested in occultism and magic although I did not study it more deeply. I think that this book have everything I need to learn more about this interesting stuff. In the end, it is not expensive compared to its quality, thank you for sharing your knowledge about it.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are welcome and I hope if you get it you will enjoy it!  It really is a gem!

  2. Pentrental

    Psychic Development 101 really looks like an exceptional book due to its range of topics and readability. With something that is “101” it’s important to keep it simple, and no easy task I can imagine when it comes to explaining the occult concepts regarding psychic development. Another thing I like about the book is that the author seems to be well-versed in this topic and thus trustworthy. I have always been interested in magic and the topic of psychic development seems very intriguing, so I can’t wait to check out this book further through your link here, well done!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!  I hope you enjoy it if you do get it!  I have seen some good ratings on the author, so I believe this book to be authentic.

  3. Carmen

    ‘m a scorpion, so I have a penchant for the occult. But I did not study, but only by chance I accessed information on this topic. Practically, from time to time, meditation and me is very helpful. Your presentation aroused my curiosity, especially when talking about Holy Guardian Angel. The things that happen to us, especially the negative ones, seem to be mistakes from a previous life that need to be rectified. I personally believe in reincarnation.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You would probably enjoy this book a lot then and I highly recommend it!

  4. Kylie

    I just found out from you that everyone has psychic abilities. I thought that it was just an imagination, something made up or just fiction. However, what you write about this book, makes me very curious to learn it and how to do it. Besides the cheap price.
    By the way, if I can correctly understand the contents of the book, can I have psychic powers instantly?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Great question Kylie!  I think you would, but they would not be developed and thus hard to really use because of that.

  5. John

    I know very little about the Occult, so your article was of interest.
    The whole area is one I know almost nothing about and you explained this nicely by explaining that the psychic part of the Occult is directly linked to psychology and the mind.  This makes sense even to a new reader.

    That’s interesting about how the book and your view is that searching for answers is achieved by reaching out to your higher power or Holy Guardian Angel is vital to living a successful and mystic life.

    When you refer to  Holy Guardian Angel, how does this differ from the Christian faith and values?

    Your insights will be appreciated.  Thank you

    1. Jessie Mosley


      Absolutely it is different, at least in my opinion on what the Holy Guardian Angel is.  There are different interpretations in the Occult community on what exactly the Holy Guardian Angel is.  I am of the opinion that it comes from our Collective Unconscious, much like the Shadow part of our psyche, but it is the opposite of the Shadow.  It can manifest Itself into objective reality through the power of meditation, yoga, chanting, and Magick.  So it is sort of both an Objective and Subjective reality.

  6. Henderson

    A book from a woman like that is truly worth it and also looking at the fact that the price is quite pocket friendly, it’ll be a very good idea that I should go and grab one too. I like how you have first explained how psychic really means the bringing together of psychology and the occult. I would love to learn to much more from you. Thanks.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you!  I hope you enjoy it!  I do believe that it all connects to psychology in some way or form!

  7. Sheree K

    It is correct to now see sites like this, I am happy to see more, as I do believe that as 2020 is here we are bound to have a natural vision of things unseen. That which was once forbidden and unique is and should be more mainstay and popular.

    I am happy that you have chosen to share these your insight with us and I thank you. keep it going.

    Thank you 


    1. Jessie Mosley

      I sure will Sheree!  I am glad you enjoyed the post and I hope to see you more often on here!  Just let me know if you have any questions!

  8. Anusuya

    It is an important aspect of life to use your superpower to guide you.

    I have felt it a fewtimes in my life from my inner self just automatically. Typically it comes in the early morning hours.

    The times I have ignored had made me suffer.

    Now I believe I should use this power to my advantage. But learning is the key.

    I do not meditate regularly. That might be another hassle.

    But I will consider reading this book.

    Thanks for easy to read a review of this complex topic.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are welcome!  Never be too hard on yourself and it is never to late to gain insight on your own abilities my friend, so don’t be downhearted!

  9. Ian Clarke

    As you get older (I am 80) you begin to question the meaning of life and what the future holds. Perhaps developing ones physic abilities could provide the answers. This book is written by a respected expert in this field and is being sold at a very reasonable price, so I think it is worth having a look at. It sounds as though the book starts with the basics of developing your physic abilities, which is just what I need as I am a newcomer to this field of learning.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      It does!  It’s a great book and very easy to read!  I hope if you get it you do enjoy it.  There is a wealth of knowledge in there!

  10. Parveen

    Hey, Thank you for writing on Psychic Development 101- A Review. I enjoy while reading your review on Psychic Development. It helps us to Develop our Inner Psychic!. It’s Develop your Inner Psychic!. Good Price with Quality Knowledge. Very useful for those studying the Occult or Magick in general. Thank you for writing such a grate review.


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for your awelsome comment my friend!!

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