Occult Psychology-Great Mother Archetype Examples

Occult Psychology-Great Mother Archetype Examples

Do what Thou Will shall be the whole of the Law

Other than the Hero Archetype, of which I wrote about and you can check out here, the Great Mother Archetype is probably the most common Archetype people know about. She is seen throughout primitive beliefs as the Mother Earth, Mother Mary, and various other motherly figures throughout time.

This Archetype connects with most people because the Archetype has a very real presence in our life as our own mother. Oddly enough, though, this Archetype can be neglected or overly personalized when we have had issues with our own parents.

So in the Occult studies, when we focus on the Mother Archetype and Her many forms, we connect to the motherly instinct within us, even if we are a male. It is important to realize that it is okay for men to have these attributes, and to be connected to his Anima.

So today I’d like to give some examples of the Mother Archetype, and how this can be used in Ritual Magick.

Mother Mary-the Theotokos

Theotokos means God-bearer, or literally the Mother of God. Few Christian denominations still call Mary this, as it seems only prevalent in Catholic and Orthodox circles.

When Christianity was still in its infancy, the Christians all called Mary the Mother of God, as we see in the early Church Councils. They saw her as the Mother of their Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Mother of all Christians when Christ gave her over to them on the Cross.

Mary is seen as the more compassionate Mother, who stands by Her Children, even intervening for them to the One, True God. Mother Mary is seen as the great Mother who stood by Her son as he died on the Cross, going through the pain of losing him.

Her love is seen most especially in the Prayer which ask her to pray for all the sinners in the world.

Mother Goddess-The Mother in Old Beliefs

Mother Goddess is seen all throughout history, and has many names. Perhaps a good one here would be Aradia, from the Celtic beliefs. Aradia is the Mother Goddess and particularly watches over the Earth. According to some myths, She was a wife of Pan, or even Lucifer. In later posts we will get into the Father Archetype.

One big role of Mother Goddess is to watch over all the Earth, and not just mankind. She is seen as a figure who protects and sustains life. If any of you have seen Moana, you will know the Mother Goddess as the Goddess at the end of the movie who lost her heart, that needed to be restored.

We can see how Mother Goddess can connect to our actual mother. The qualities are what we would expect from a loving mother. She protects, feeds, and gives drink to Her children.

In the Occult, and in Magick in general, especially Wicca, Mother Goddess is probably one of the most recognizable Archetypes in our Rituals. Many times the rituals involve calling forth the Mother Goddess for protection.

Isis, the Mother of Egypt

Isis is seen as the fertile Mother who took care of Egypt and kept the nation fed. She was the wife of Osiris, who was killed by Set, and avenged on a regular basis by Her Son Horus.

Isis was one of the most important Goddesses in Egyptian Mythology. Rituals were offered to her because she would keep Egypt fertile, and keep its people fed.

Isis was seen as a healer and a lover, and unlike many of the Gods and Goddesses who were in the Myths, She was much more compassionate and loving.

The Mother and Magick

For magick, the Mother is really seen in Ceremonial Magick in which there are several people involved. The Mother is viewed as the woman who is seen as a priestess, as the Priestess is a role for the Motherly Figure.

However, not everyone does Magick with other people, and for the Motherly Figure it is even harder for the man to deal with this. Something that helps in the Art and Science of the Occult is to have statues of the Mother Goddess that you want to do the ritual over.

Visualization is very important in the Occult Science because it helps bring out what is going on within. To see the Goddess is to help prepare the way for her.

Another thing to do is to try to add lavender and rose to your incense list. These are viewed as motherly scents, and it helps set the mood for the Great Mother to assist in your Rituals.

Of course, if you have another scent that reminds you of the Motherly Archetype, use that scent! These are your rituals and they should reflect what is going on within your own subconscious mind, as it is you that will be calling forth the Gods and Goddesses from within.


This is the third article I have done so far that deals with the archetypes. It can be very confusing at first, but once you start studying them you see how they fit into the Occult and psychology.

To be one with the Archetypes is to be one with Oneself, as the Archetypes are part of our Collective Unconscious, which is the Unconscious that everyone shares. It is the unconscious that has evolved over time and has many primitive qualities of man, the base qualities we share order to survive.

I suppose I have gone on long enough about all this, and I want to turn it over to you, the reader. What do you think about the Mother Archetype? Are you able to connect to the Mother in a healthy way or do you have a little work to do? If you feel you need to do some more work, I suggest you consider doing some rituals to better connect with her. It won’t hurt to try it, so there is nothing to lose!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

2 thoughts on “Occult Psychology-Great Mother Archetype Examples

  1. I feel it is naturally a part of me to care for and nurture my husband. I read somewhere that it was mentioned in the bible that a man was created to love his wife and a wife created to respect her husband, and why it didn’t say that a woman was made to love her husband was because that’s what her natural state of being is – love, but respect can be something that takes effort on her part to show him. And for a man, he’s made to love his wife because that is what she needs, what she craves – to be treated lovingly, to be shown love in every way because that is what she is.

    It continued to have a study in which 76% of men reported they would rather be respected, than loved but seen as weak and inadequate. When I read that I thought, wow, I have to check myself. And you know what the more than a woman can listen to her husband (he isn’t always right, but to consider his point of view without offering criticism because there is something to be learned from any verbal offering – if he is wrong than respectful listening offers insight into how he thinks, and then one can with tact find a way to improve the situation.)

    So to conclude I would agree, women just want to love and be treated lovingly!

    1. Yes! It can be undeniable that women tend to be much more loving and nurturing, and that is okay. That is a good thing because it compliments what the male counterpart does not have, and vice versa.

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