Equinox Volume 1, Nos. 1-A Magic Index

Equinox Volume 1, Nos. 1-A Magic Index

Equinox Volume 1, Nos 1-Aleister Crowley

Basic Information

Rating (1-10)- Definitive 10                                                                                         

Pros- It’s a very comprehensive book with various spells and literature along with some interesting reviews

Cons- If you want a book that is solely based on magic and rituals, this isn’t it.


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What’s the deal with this Magic Index??

The big deal is simply this, all you need to really start your magic rituals is in this bookI have read many books that go into the Occult and rituals, but this one has some basic rituals and more!

This is simply a book that’s not worth passing up!

There is more to the Equinox than just rituals too!

Rituals are essential to anyone practicing the Art and Science of the Occult but sometimes you need a little more.  There are literature pieces in the Equinox that simply can’t be beat!

I continually reread this masterpiece because I always get something out of it. There are poems, plays, reviews and short stories all waiting to be read and understood, each one reaching the depths of the human soul.

Don’t care much for ol’ Crowley, that’s okay too!

There is so much more offered in this book! Crowley basically got the magicians and writers of his day and had theCrowley as Osirism write some of the pieces, so there is something for everyone!

My particular favorite writing in this book was actually not written by Crowley.  It talks about a man who wears glasses that show him what people really think.  It is an eye opening short story!

Nice piece of History

This book has some awesome historical pieces on it! You can learn a great deal on what the people of the 1800 hundreds and 1900 hundreds cared about.

These literature pieces holds the thoughts and worries and hopes. It is quite interesting!!

First book in a Series of Magical Books

This is just number one in a ten volume set! This book sets the foundation for the rest of the books, which I have to say, is a great series!

Starting out here really helps you get an understanding of all that will happen in the rest of the series as well!

Essential Book for some Schools of Magical

For some schools of magick, this book is one that you must have in order to even join as a student. That’s because this book is important!                                                                                     Beautiful Cover

Do not miss the opportunity to get this book!!

Also, if you are interested in a book that may not be an essential for a certain school of magick, but can help you in your magickal path, check out my review on Homemade Magick!  It can help you reach your goals in the Great Work!

Good Buy? Yes! Do not leave this treasure out of your library!  Order it here!

6 thoughts on “Equinox Volume 1, Nos. 1-A Magic Index

  1. This was a really cool read! I have been interested in the occult for a long time now. Just so fascinating! I do not care much for Crowley either, but he did have some really interesting information on majick. I really enjoyed reading the review on this and I am going to check out other posts here on your site. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Thank you very much! I have nearly all of Crowley’s writings, so one could say I’m a student I suppose. The Equinox series is a beautiful series though!

  2. Jukka

    I have a scientific world view but the occult has fascinated me since I was a child. Recently I’ve been questioning my world view as I’ve come to the realization that there is much more to this world than we can rationally comprehend. I’ve been reading about (and experiencing) synchronicities for example and I’m fascinated with people’s stories about hallucinogens, even though I haven’t tried them myself. This book definitely goes on my list of reading about alternative world views. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. The occult science can be deeply rooted in psychotropic, and where it is legal I see no issue with it personally, so long as it is not done in such a constant basis that it harms the body and mind, and takes over ones personal responsibilities, as the occult is a spiritual practice that involves the whole of ones Self. There must be a balance. Carl Jung, a very famous psychiatrist who was once Sigmund Freuds star pupil, talked about this when he talked about the goal of mankind is to ultimately reach Individuation.

  3. Jake

    Hi, great article and I enjoyed reading it.

    in regards to the 1800,s & 1900’s were people into the occult back then,  and what did they use it for? I never heard of this crowley guy, was he pretty cool?

    I would like to learn a couple easy magic tricks with the occult, could you recommend a book for that?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Oh yes they were.  It was like the golden era of occult science and that is when Crowley was alive too. I’d recommend any book by him. But know it’s not tricks. They have profound effects on the mind. 

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