Bible and the Occult- The New Series Every Sunday and Wednesday!

Bible and the Occult- The New Series Every Sunday and Wednesday!

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

So I am excited to announce another series I am going to be working on every Sunday and Wednesday, and that is the Occult in the Christian Bible. I will be starting from the beginning and working my way all the way through the Bible. The only part I have not figured out yet is how many Chapters I will be doing each post.

I fully expect disagreement and controversy over the Bible and the Occult series and all these posts. It is inevitable. In fact, I fully encourage anyone who may disagree to comment! I love having these types of discussions!

I will be going over passages in the Christian Scripture, I wanted to let you which version I am going to be using. It’s the New American Bible and it’s the revised version, which is a superb English version of the Catholic Scripture. If you would like to get a version I’ll put the link here and you can get one!

So with all that out of the way, you may be asking why this is even worth talking about. So let’s get right into it.  Also, if you are curious, one of the guys who sparked my interest in this was Dr. Peterson.  I’m attaching a video of him for your viewing, and to see some of the psychological aspects of the Bible.

Occult Ideas are spread throughout the Bible

There are many Occult ideas throughout Scripture. For one, we see that God created Adam from the dust of the Earth. In the Occult, our bodies are viewed as the Earth Element.

A great example from the New Testament is the teachings Christ gave to the Apostles, but He did not give to others. This is a prime example of Occult Gnosis, hidden knowledge that only those who are ready will know.

The UnconsciousChrist Himself is the perfect example of the Self, and what it means to be fully human. The goal of Humanity is to reach Individuation, which in the Occult I believe is the same as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Christ also personified this in His Transformation from Death to Life, from the Trickster Archetype, to the Hero.

Indeed, the Archetypes are themes that are spread throughout all of Scripture, and the Archetypes are a deeply Occult ideas. We will see them in every book the is in the Scripture, and in some, like Genesis and revelation, they are in nearly every Chapter.

In short, one who has studied the Occult would not be able to escape the rich Occult ideas that run throughout it, even if they tried to deny it.

In Early Christianity, there were two camps

Early Christianity was an exciting, but dangerous time. You had this Man, who raised from the Dead, and He had taught mankind how to live their lives so that they may reach the Divine.

Naturally this was a message for the world! It was a message that needed to be spread to all creation. However, there were different interpretations of what Christ said, did, and even was.

The two competing ideas were what is now Modern Day Roman Catholicism, and what we put under the broad term The Cathars were Gnosticof Gnostic Christians.

The two camps were very different, and had opposing ideas of how a person is saved, the Sacraments, and even the Nature of Christ.

Catholicism seemed to prevail for several reasons. Perhaps one of the main reasons is because it was the first Branch of Christianity to be legalized in the Roman System.

Another reason could be because those in the Cahtolic Church were much more organized than those of the Gnostic Christians. They were able to organize and come together, many at a time, and evangelized much more effectively.

I also believe that most of the Apostles were more Catholic than Gnostic, as was St. Paul. That does not mean they were not Gnostic, but they were much more Catholic.

Because they were closest to Jesus, they had more influence on the people over what Christ had said and meant. That did not make them right, and indeed we see St. Paul and St. Peter have a disagreement in Scripture, tearing into two different camps.

The Gnostic Christians were still around, and we see them all throughout Church history. They were shunned and their ideas were struck down as heresies many times, but they continued to thrive, and today we have beautiful art and writings by them, especially in the Alchemy camp.

To Know is to gain Power

That ever important Gnosis is gained in knowing about the Occult in Christian Scripture. This knowledge will help you reach the state of Self-Actualization, which is yet another term for Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Gnosis is powerWhen you have this knowledge, you can actually use it for your rituals and meditations. It helps expand your current level of thinking, which is necessary to reach the Knowledge of the Angel.

In fact, the very word Gnosis means knowledge. And the Occult deals with a magical system that taps into that knowledge, and uses it to reach the goals of the student.

It’s helpful to know when asked

As I stated above, the early Christians were split into two camps. The camp that seemed to have prevailed was much more organized, and they were much more vocal. This is a chance to help the other camp be more vocal.

Beautiful MosiacIn learning about the different Gnostic aspects of the Christian Scripture, the student can effectively talk to those who would disagree with them about what they believe to be true.

So in essence, this will help you become a better spokesperson for the Occult!

A Long but Exciting Series

This will be a very long series, but it is something I am so excited about! I do believe that this will help expand the knowledge of those who read it, and I hope every reader gets something out of it in the weeks to come! I’m really curious as to what you guys are thinking though! Please leave a comment below and let me know if you find this to be interesting, and if you have any questions, complaints, or concerns! I’m all ears!

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

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  1. Hello, thanks for interesting post. I don’t have much knowledge about Bible and Occult, but it was interesting to read. Also, I liked an idea to publish chapter by chapter over the time, that will keep reader excited while awaiting the new release. All the best!

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