Bible and the Occult- The Great Flood, Genesis 6-10

Bible and the Occult- The Great Flood, Genesis 6-10

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Welcome to another blog about the Bible and the Occult! Last time was our first blog, and I got lot of positive, and some negative feedback, from people. Most of my positive reviews were directly on my site. The negative comments came in from Reddit of course, where everyone seems to be a critic!

Needless to say, I will point out again, as I did in the last post, I am basing my psychological ideas off Depth Psychology, which is a Theory in Psychology of Personality who’s major contributor is Carl Jung. I highly recommend you take a look at his collective writings. Click here to check those out when you have timCarl Junge!

Anyway, these next five chapters in Genesis are some most controversial chapters in all the Hebrew and Christian Scripture. This is a hotly debated topic. Even Christians debate one another over what it means, as do Jews (Orthodox and Reformed Jews are a good example).

In fact, I believe that the only passage that might cause more controversy would be found in the first five books of Genesis, so these are controversial topics.

Let’s get right into this now and check out what all the controversy is about in the Bible and the Occult, and how it relates to the occult and psychology.

(Side note, if you want to follow along, I will leave a link for the version of the Bible I use if you want to check it out here!)

The Beginning of Wide Spread Evil- Genesis 6

I find this chapter to be very interesting and there could be a slight reference to some Hero Archetypes like Hercules.

From the very beginning we see an interesting phrase which says the sons of God took mortal women as their wives and had children with them. These children were said to be powerful men of the ancients. One of the most clear ideas of this is Hercules.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record from the last post, but there is also the theory that these sons of God were Noah must build an arkAliens, like the ones who took Enoch up. As I have discussed in that blog, I just don’t find Aliens to be a plausible idea. I think it has more to do with the Collective Unconscious, and the mythologies that have been passed down.

In some versions of the Bible, these sons of God are called Nephilim. There are writings that suggest these Nephilim and the Watchers taught humanity the secrets of the Occult, and the Magickal arts. This is not really mentioned in the Hebrew Bible so I will not go into it much here, I just thought it was an interesting thing to mention.

When all of this happened, it seemed like the Eternal Father was upset that he had made humanity. Interestingly, He then vows to make a flood come upon the Earth, and only keep a few people to survive.

In my mind, this is obviously a myth that should not be taken literally. It is interesting to note that there are flood stories all throughout history though. This is why the flood story of the Hebrew Scripture coincides nicely with the Collective Unconscious.

Why a flood? I believe that it was a flood because that was the most logical element that the ancients saw could wipe out the entire Earth. It is also an unbelievable concept, though, that the whole Earth would be flooded. In this sense, Noah is a symbol of the Trickster Archetype. He was seen as a man who spouted nonsense, and was mocked for it by all humanity.

It has Begun, the Flood- Genesis 7

Remember what I have said about the Trickster Archetype though? It is the Archetype that can transform into the Hero Archetype. This usually happens during an act, or right after one, that is devastating. Well, that act has occurred now, as the floodgates of heaven were open, and water was starting to fill the Earth.

It was now that Noah had become the Hero Archetype, the Savior of mankind, as his senseless ramblings ended up coming true.

I want to also point out that in this mythological tale, I have talked about how some believe that the Nephilim and the Flood the earthWatchers brought secret knowledge of the Occult and Magick to people. If this were true, could it be that the Archetypal man represented in Noah, and his family, actually practiced some of these arts? Then they passed it on to their offspring. It’s an interesting thought, and I just felt like throwing that out there.

Noah was not only the savior of humanity though, he was also the savior of all living creatures. The Eternal Truth led the animals into the Ark, which was sealed by that Truth.

I’m not going to go over what young Earth Creationist say about the subject, but I will leave a video below of Kent Holvind debating someone over this.  I don’t agree with him, but it is so important we know what some of the other side is saying.

The Flood is over, a promise is made- Genesis 8

As the Hero and his family were promised, they were safe from death and embraced in the Ark. Once the water had stopped coming out, and the Eternal Truth blew a wind to cause some water to reside, the Ark landed on a mountain top in Armenia.

A covenant between Noah and GodThe view of victory must have been nice, and this is the reward for his hard work. After the waters had dried up, Noah made a sacrifice to the Eternal Truth. This would not go unnoticed and a promise was made that never again would the Earth be destroyed in this manner.

So the Hero, Noah, here is seen as a Hero of all ages, saving mankind and the rest of life from a terrible fate.

A Covenant Sealed and a Drunken Hero- Genesis 9

The Hero received the seal of the Covenant when the Eternal Truth created a rainbow. This part of the particular myth was used to help explain something that the Ancients had not quite understood. We now have a valid explanation as to why there are rainbows, but there could be a deeper meaning to this text as well.

For us who study and practice Magick, we know the importance of using visuals as it helps get the sense involved to unleash the Unconscious mind. The rainbow is a symbol of the beauty we use in our rituals. It’s colors representing the elements, and the basic human need for visual arts, some of which can be found in Nature Herself.

Noah then became a farmer of the land. In this Myth we see the Hero Archetype slip back into a Trickster Archetype.Rainbow the promise I believe that is because the Hero still has it’s originally personality, it has merely transformed through maturity, and thus, still does things that the Trickster would do.

That being said, when his sons find him, one is essentially mocking him because he gets naked from drunkenness. This son is then cursed for what he did. I find this to be an interesting passage because we just saw how quickly the Hero can be made a fool of himself, yet still be the Hero in the end, and those who seek him harm are cursed.

Another Genealogy- Genesis 10 and the Conclusion

There is not much to be said here really. These were important to the Hebrew Nation, but for our purposes, they really are not. The story of Noah ends here, with his Genealogy, and so I think it is a good place to stop for today. Wednesday I will be going over the next five chapters in Genesis, so be sure to subscribe for that!

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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please drop them down in the comment section! I love reading what everyone has to say and I will get back with you!

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2 thoughts on “Bible and the Occult- The Great Flood, Genesis 6-10

  1. Stephanie

    Woah! This was actually such an interesting article to read. I never thought about any of that in that way. I grew up really religious family members, so basically everything that the Bible stated was true to them (thank God i generated my own opinions and beliefs). Though, I’m a little confused as to where everything comes from? I mean, are you stating that half of what the Bible states may not be true? 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Oh no no, not at all.  Myth’s are much deeper than truth or falsehoods.  A myth can be true, false, or a mix of both.  They are told in such a way that is more about the story and it’s deeper lessons.

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