Bible and the Occult- Joshua 16-20

Bible and the Occult- Joshua 16-20

Do what Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law

Hello everyone and welcome to another post about the Bible and the Occult! Today we will be looking into the next five chapters of Joshua, and see how they are connected to the overall story of Joshua, the archetypes, and the occult! We have seen that the story is starting to slow down, and the loose ends are being taken care of. Today we will see how those loose ends connect to the story as a whole, and in our next installment, we will be finishing Joshua off. If you want to read what has been Joshuagoing on, click the link here and you can check out the different chapters we have already covered.

Keep in mind, I do use the Catholic Version of the Bible, as I find it to be a superb version, and one that has plenty of reference to historical writings of the Bible. This is a must for everyone who is going through this study with me.

So let’s get into the chapters now and see what we can make out of these next few passages of the Bible!

Joshua 16- List, List, Lists!!

Here we go again, right? Another list that serves as a bridge from previous chapters to the next chapters and ultimately the end of the book. This list, a long with the many others that have been present in this book, show the importance and the victory that the Hebrew people had over their enemies. It goes as a sharp reminder to not oppose the Will of the Hebrew Nation as a whole. Their Collective Will, and their Divine entity, has given them victory over the adversaries that have stood in their way. This is the fruits of that victory.

There is just not much going on here though. I suppose the takeaway is if you listen to your Holy Guardian Angel, your Higher Self, you shall be rewarded greatly for that just as Joshua and the Hebrew people were rewarded.

Because I know I am not the only person who has an opinion on this, though, I’ll leave a video below for your viewing. I hope it shows the different views, as this view will come from a more traditional Christian view, whereas mine does not. It is important, though, to get different sides of the story.

Joshua 17- The Lists Slow Down

I suppose at this point the author got tired of dealing with all the lists, and only made about half of this chapter a list. Again, it dealt with the victory of the Hebrew people and all the land that they had acquired.

However, as the chapter progresses, we begin to see some people complaining about how little land they had received. The Hebrew people had not completely killed off the Canaanites, and instead opted to use them as forced laborers. There were still people unhappy with what they got, so they went to Joshua to complain, demanding that they get more land.

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Joshua told them they could have more land, but it was occupied and it would be a hard battle to win that land, as the Canaanites had chariots, and the assumption is that the Hebrew people did not.

And then, well, for that chapter, that is it! There still is not a lot going on right now, and it is even putting me to sleep!

Joshua 18- Surprise! More LISTS!

Goodness, it’s like almost half of Joshua is merely list of lands that the Hebrew people have won through war! At the beginning of the chapter we see that Joshua demanded three people from each tribe to go out and survey the land, to see what exactly he would be working with and how to divide it up.


The Hebrew people listened, and when the men came back, Joshua divided the land up. It is interesting that Judah and the Kingdom of Israel were separated, with one in the north, and one in the south. It is also interesting to see that the Levities were not given any land. As priests, they were to dwell throughout all the nation. This can imply to use, as priest of our own religion, taught to use by our Holy Guardian Angel, that we may be able to spread the truth throughout the world, and not be subject to just one land.

Joshua 19- More…

The exhausting list continue on! As you can see, this chapter deals with even more land won through battling, and it talks about how it was divided up among the different people of Israel. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about it. All that needs to be said has basically been said, so we will go on to the next chapter and see if it offers anymore great insights or just more, boring, list!…

Joshua 20- Land of Refuge

Well, the list are over for now! In this chapter, the final one that we are looking at today, we see that Israel is to make a city of refuge for its people. This city is made for those who commit crimes on accident, and they needed sanctuary from avengers within their hometown.

I want to be a little provocative here and say these towns were not meant for people who committed crimes on purpose. So this is not a good case for sanctuary cities and Refugewhat not.

What can be said, though, is that these people had to stay here until their trial, after which it is assumed they can come back to their hometown.

This is a reminder of the human condition that makes it clear that we all make mistakes, and we should, though be punished for them, also be given mercy for them as well. This relates to the Archetype of Justice, which can be personified within the Tarot Card, Justice.


So there you have it. Today we got to look at list galore! There was not a lot going on, but that is because we are coming to the conclusion of Joshua. It is about to end, and next week we will be going over the last four chapters of the book.

I highly recommend getting the Catholic Bible for our studies. That way you can study a long with me, and you will know where my sources come from. It will be of great benefit to you because you can study the chapters yourself, and come with comments and questions you have about it!

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T.

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