Bible and the Occult- Joshua 11-15

Bible and the Occult- Joshua 11-15

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Hello again and welcome to another post about the Bible and the Occult. Today we will be going over the next five chapters of Joshua, and we will see how they relate to the Occult and even how they can relate to psychology!

We have already seen some huge wars going on between nations, and we have seen how Joshua has lead the Israelites to victory, even if what he has called for is very dark. I am of the opinion that a lot of this was written to convey some type of message, and I hope that these types of things did not happen.

Today we will start to see the conclusion of these wars as well as some other issues that will appear, now that Israel is able to settle in the land that they want.

So let’s dig in and learn what the Scripture is teaching us in these chapters!

Joshua 11- Great War

As we begin our journey into the next five chapters, we see that the height of the war is here within chapter 11. Great nations came together with many soldiers, ready to fight Joshua and the nation of Israel.

For his part, Joshua did exactly as the Divine had told him to. This caused the Israelites to put fear in the hearts of the other countries, and all the lands were delivered over to the Israelites. The only people safe were the Hittites that made a pact with them.

I think this part of the myth was put in to build a short amount of suspension, as all great stories have. Joshua is seen as the hero of the story, and the Archetype expressed within him would be one of a strong Hero, one that we should try to model in a sense. The Jewish people held high standards to one another, and to have a priestly leader like Joshua as a role model would exemplify those standards, as he was the reason they were able to take the land they needed to settle into.

Because I don’t want you blindly following what I say, I have embedded a video for your viewing that talks about the other side of the coin. This is certainly not what I believe, but it is important that you hear both sides and then make up your own mind.

Joshua 12- List of Kings

There is not much going on in this chapter honestly. This chapter recounts all the different kings that the Israelites had taken down. That is really all that is going on here. There may be some symbolism behind the numbers, but I’m not well versed in numerology right now, and so I’m not sure what would be the meaning behind all those numbers.

I suppose if you want another perspective on this, particularly one that is not of my own, check out the link here. It may help explain something to those who are curious about it.

Joshua 13- Another List

Once again, we have another list. This list deals with how the land was to be broken up among the tribes of Israel. This was done because the Divine saw how old Joshua was, and that he was needing to get this done as soon as possible.

One thing that is important to note here is the fact that the tribe of Levi did not get any land of inheritance. They were the ones who were priest of the Divine, so they were to live throughout all of Israel, and offer up sacrifices to the Divine in order to please Him.Scripture and Gnosis

There may be a deeper meaning here in that all people can be considered Levites, and priest of their own religion. We are not confounded to one land, but to all the Earth.

Joshua 14- Mountain For Joshua

At the beginning of this chapter we see another list being made. Again, I don’t think this list is very important, and is a bridge like the last two, as well as a way to start to slow down the story and myth of the Archetype of Joshua.

Here Joshua talks about the blessings he has received, and the fact that he was able to inherit a land that not even Moses could inherit because of what Moses had done.Gibeon

He wanted to make sure that he had some land just for himself within the newly found Israel, and of course he got it, as the hero of the story. there is nothing wrong were, and it shows the importance of the hero archetype within the Collective Unconscious of humanity. The Hero Archetype is one that can overcome adversity at all cost, and save the day, so to speak. Afterward, they get rewarded with something. This is clear in many of the movies, games, and books we have today, and it was clear to the ancient people as well.

Joshua 15- One Last List today!

In the last chapter of the day, we have yet again another list. This list mostly speaks of land and of blessings that are bestowed to some tribes and people’s of the Israel Nation.

In the end of the chapter, one can see a reason for this chapter, in that it talks about the tribe that Judah could not completely wipe out. Because of this the myth says that is why they still live in Judah this very day. Therefore, this chapter was partly meant to explain something that was going on in the Israelite nation at the time of writing. It is also a bridge chapter, and one that is calming the story down a little more.

Bible and the Occult Continues On

As you can tell, there is a lot going on in the Bible that deals with the Occult, We have been through many chapters in the bible, and we have seen how they relate to the Occult and Psychology. This is pointing us to the One, Ineffable, Truth that can be found within the Collective Unconscious of the Human Psyche.

We are close to finishing off Joshua so I highly recommend, if you have not got yours yet, you need to get the Catholic Version of the Bible! It is the version that I use and I feel it is far superior to other versions in its language.

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Love is the Law, Love Under Will

Frater C.P.T

10 thoughts on “Bible and the Occult- Joshua 11-15

  1. RazvanIlie

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about the Bible and the Occult- Joshua 11-15 and explanation are given.

    I have heard many times from Bible and the Occult- Joshua but I was not sure what it is, so I decided to read on the Internet, I read many articles, this is the best I have been able to find.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      thank you and please do!  I try to write about things that come to my mind as I read these passages!  This is what I though of and I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Parameter

    Hello Mosley,
    Thank you for being open and objective. Unlike so many other people with religious understanding, you gave your opinion and also presented a contrary opinion leaving us with the chance to take a stand.
    Can I liken Joshua’s attitude in chapter14 of getting properties to himself, to our pastor’s attitude of always wanting something for themselves this day, best cars, mansions, and even aircraft?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment and question!  I think that this could be likened to that honestly.  It stems from an innate desire to have the most and best, which is part of our psychological make up.

  3. Twack Romero

    Since being introduced to your writings a few months ago I can say that Iook forward to your posts. Considering that the subject matter can sometimes be ‘heavy’ you have a way of making it easy to digest. Having links and videos that either offer more information or an alternative view affords the reader the opportunity to validate.

    I like that you have given, as are my own thoughts, that much of what is written can be open to interpretation and that the use of ‘story’ to convey a message would not be unheard of. If we were to take certain aspects as ‘literal’ then we close oursleves off from the possible true meanings.

    Again I am drawn in and left wanting more in regard to the connection between the occult, archetypes, psychology, the Bible and us. I will need to read and study more before I reach the monent of clarity that I am sure is lying just beyond reach at the moment, or maybe that’s the point.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much for the awesome comment!  I suggest looking into Carl Jung and Jordan Peterson, both of which have influenced my writings a lot.

  4. Jasmin Rae

    Hi Jessie,  Thanks for the post! I don’t know much about the occult, but I do read the Bible.  I’ve not though to connect the two before so it’s interesting that you did so.  The breakdown of each verse into bite sized nuggets and the way you related them to psychology is unique.  I also found the video that you linked to interesting.  Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it!  I try to make at least one post a month dealing with the Bible and the Occult, so there will be more to come!

  5. Travis

    I must have missed last weeks, I will have to go back and read it! This section seems to be the aftermath, do you think the Levites being left out is to be the bridge that makes it possible for all of us to achieve the blessings meant for the Jewish people? Do you think as the Hero that Joshua deserved to get the rewards bestowed upon him?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I believe that the Levites are representives of the whole of the human race, as everyone is a priest or priestess of their own religion from within.  Joshua did deserve the gift he asked for, I believe.

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