Bible and The Occult- Humble Beginnings, Genesis 1-5

Bible and The Occult- Humble Beginnings, Genesis 1-5

Do what Thou Will shall be the whole of the Law

Welcome to the first official post on what the Christian Bible has to actually do with the Occult. I have to admit, this one was a big task, but it is one that I have wanted to undertake for years. What finally inspired me to go all the way with it was Dr. Jordan Peterson and his lectures on Scripture and Psychology.

I want to also clear the air now, in case you don’t want to read about it, but a lot of these post will go over the Archetypes of the Unconscious. To me, ancient mythology is directly linked to those Archetypes, and those Archetypes are directly linked to the Occult.

With that being out of the way, let’s delve into the first five chapters of Genesis as we start our journey of the Bible and the Occult. This will give us a basic understanding of what the Ancient Jewish people believed about the cosmos and humanity in general.

In the Beginning…

This is probably the most recognizable chapter in all the Bible. It is the one that comes up in debates, it is the one that everyone starts with when they want to read the Bible, and it is the one that deals with basic doctrine on Christian and Jewish belief.

Those of us who are into the more mystic Occultist ideas, especially Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn schools, know the importance of the Divine Names. These can be found in the Magick Circles we used to Banish and Summon.

These names are commonly referred to as the Tetragrammaton, and most often are used to refer to the One Source of Truth as YHWH. Oddly enough, this is the name of God that Jews will not say out loud.

The Beginning of allThis One, Divine Source of Truth is like a watch maker, and has created the Cosmos in this Divinely, almost Mechanical way. On top of this, He has created mankind in His own likeness and favor, and for many in the Occult, this is a mythological, metaphysical idea that we are One with the Divine.

The Creator and Sustainer of life is seen as an Archetypal figure already, as the standard given to us, the chosen creation, is high. We are to care for the Creation, the way that the One, Divine, Power, cares for His.

This all happened in six days, which is the number for humanity. The is a deep psychological point, because as humans, we like certain order. Within our Collective Unconscious, for whatever reason, the Ancients left the idea that mankind was number six, just short of perfection, seven.

Now I’m not going to go over it, but for the sake of balance, I’m going to attach a link here, and you can see what a young Earth Creationist believes about Genesis 1.  Please don’t go on the site harassing anyone though.  I disavow any harassment used to shut free speech down.

The Elements and Perfection- Genesis two

In the second chapter there is the reference to day seven, which is known as a day of rest. This myth was actually a very productive one for the Ancient Jewish people, as many believed it necessary to work every day. In fact, we now know that is not true, and though one day is not enough for rest, it was a start.

We see also a perfection, a state of being that all the Earth was in. As I have said in previous post, and can be seen in Chapter one of Genesis, man was created from the Earth. This is obviously a very deep Occult idea, as man’s body is seen as part of the Earth Element.

Even more here, we see that YHWH breathed life into man, which shows how Air is brought into this mix, as breath is part of the Element of Air.

The fire of man was then lit, and he was a living creation. Life is often seen as the fire within. Before there was this idea of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, it was Fire that stood for that Spirit, and that is what I focus on.

And finally we see water. The perfect water that flowed through the Garden, and the water that man would drink to live. It’s perfection came out from the very ground of the Earth, and was fresh for all to drink.

What follows from this is the mythological story of why man leaves his family for a wife. Whether this myth is true or Garden of Edennot does not really matter, as all that matters is the nature of the myth, and what it means.

For the Ancient people, life was tough, and it was clear that they needed to do something to keep the human race thriving. Marriage kept the man faithful to his wife and kids, and he would stay home to care for them.

Another very important idea to see in this chapter is right at the end. Man and woman was naked and did not care. This sort of resembles the Trickster Archetype. They are completely oblivious and childlike. They just enjoy their life the way that they want to enjoy it.

Fall of Man, the Transformation

The third chapter of Genesis is where the action begins. The serpent is seen as a deceiver in this myth. I believe that this serpent stands for the cunning nature of the Trickster Archetype.

As bad as it seems the consequences of the actions were for Adam and Eve, it leads to a Transformation. The Trickster Archetype had become more mature, and had to work. They no longer lived the careless life they had.Tree of Life

As bad as that may seem, it was a needed step, a step that would show the importance of hard work.

Adam and Eve first blamed their actions on the actions of someone or something else. When this proved to fail, their childlike antics had to end.

Then the Supreme Truth put angels to guard the Garden so that no one can reach the Tree of Life, as that was the fear of the Father.

However, within Judaism, and later Christianity, there was a school of mystical thought that focused a lot of energy on the Tree of Life, and how it relates to the Human Self. I will talk about that in a later post, because it is a very intense topic that I just do not have time to discuss on here.

The First Murder and Banishing of the New Land

So after Adam and Eve matured past the Trickster stage of life, they had children. These two children bring forth the idea of jealousy, and what it means to be Spiritually fulfilled.

Cain was unable to meet his Spiritual needs because he would not work hard enough, whereas Abel did his best to meet his needs for the Divine. This is how it should be with us in our rituals. We have to work hard to reach Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. It is not an easy task. That part of our unconscious must be unleashed through a careful and deliberate process.

There will be those who do not like it, and are filled with envy. If we continue to work out our Will, though, none of Murder of Abelthat will matter, because we will reach a state of Self-Actualization.

For those who do us harm, their time will come, much like Cain’s. Whether it is in this life, or the next, or even in a past life, it does happen. There is nothing wrong with calling upon the Divine for a just punishment either. Rituals for anger can be some of the most effective rituals because it can unleash the Shadow, who is part of our Individual and our Collective Unconscious.

Aliens….or God…Chapter Five

This chapter does not have a lot going on for it, as it is a genealogy list. There is one section, though, that sparks interest even to this day, and that is when Enoch is taken up with the Divine.

ufo and enochThere is so much debate on this, and some people actually believe he was take up by Angels. What’s even more interesting is the Lost books of Enoch seem to lead credence to this idea.

I personally do not think this happened. It’s an interesting theory, but the book was written hundreds of years after Genesis was even written. I feel like this myth has more to do with soul of man, and man becoming one with the Divine. I just personally don’t see it being aliens.

The First Five

So there is the first five chapters and how I see them relating to the Occult and Psychology. I know that it was brief on each chapter, and I am sorry for that. With limited time and space it is the best I can do. Come back Sunday for the next post over chapter six through ten!

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section! I will do my best to get back with you in a timely fashion!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T.

9 thoughts on “Bible and The Occult- Humble Beginnings, Genesis 1-5

  1. That was a very interesting article. I really like the way you are evolving old mythology into a more modern understanding, and showing how all of these ideas, old and new, are linked.
    The constant, is realizing we are already one with the divine, we have just forgotten.
    Keep up the enlightening reads! Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I hope that future posts will continue to be informative and enlightenment.

    2. Thank you very much!! I hope that it continues to be informing and enlightening!

  2. Hi, you make some very interesting references or maybe comparisons is a better word. I’d never made the correlation, even though I have studied both and also enjoy mythology. This is a great post and I look forward to the next.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I read a lot of Carl Jung and I find he talks about this alot!

  3. Wow, I really enjoy your article. I’m not a Christian yet I love Bible stories, they are really interesting. So can you tell me why God wanted to keep the tree of life for himself? I’m asking this out of curiosity.😊 Anyway I want to read your next post, looking forward to it.

    1. That’s an interesting question. Because of some of my particular beliefs in psychology. I believe most of what is being taught in this particular myth is can be found within particular archetypal figures. Since I believe that Adam and Eve were sort of Trickster Archetypes, that were starting to question things, and transform into the more mature parental archetypes. God stands for a more Higher Self. One that wants to be present, but cannot because the person has not matured enough. The Tree of Life is a direct connection with the Higher Self. That is why, when we look at the Middle Ages, we see a huge form of Jewish Mysticism come up which focused on the Cabala. This was also popular in Christianity, and many priest even practiced it, undercover of course. The Cabala promised to hold the secrets of the Tree of Life, and how to unlock it from within. A popular quote today was used by those who practiced Cabala, and that was “as above, so below”.

  4. I’m not religious and I see religious texts as fables, stories and allegories rather than being literal as some people take them to be. They were a way for people to try to understand and explain the perplexing world around them.

    Science has revealed that much of what humanity held as “gospel” was, in fact, incorrect. Common sense doesn’t always give you the right answer. For example, it’s obvious that the Sun goes around the Earth because we can see it move across the sky. But we now know that’s not true. We have changed our perception of this daily event because we now know more about the universe.

    The same with thinking the Earth was flat, and many other ideas that were rigidly believed until they were disproven.

    I see organized religion as an authoritarian, controlling entity. It’s about having the power to control people’s lives through its dictats. It’s also historically been about avarice for other culture’s possessions and converting them – forcing them to live in a way that was often very much at odds with how they traditionally lived, and and believe in a deity they were unfamiliar with.

    Spiritualism is more an individual connection with the cosmos or some supreme deity, if you believe in one. You don’t need to be religious to be spiritual.

    I think far too much meaning is attributed to Biblical (and other religions’) texts. There is value in studying them to learn what people were thinking at the time and how they viewed the world. They give an insight into the inner workings of ancient religions and, perhaps, more of a “man-in-the-street” view of those times than official historical texts. But I certainly don’t subscribe to the Biblical description of the creation if Earth and Humanity.

    1. I’m not sure how I view organized religion. I grew up with it by my own choice, and not the choice of my parents. And I also had very good experiences with the Catholic Church in particular, whom help me get away from an actual authoritarian family, and into college. That being said, this, of course, is not an interpretation of Genesis that would be considered an orthodox interpretation based off Mainstream Judaism, Islam, or mainstream Christianity. This is a very Gnostic idea of what Genesis means, and to be Gnostic, for the most part, the student should find the Truth within Himself, to find the True Will of their life, and to act in a manner that is in accordance with that Will.
      I believe that this Truth is found in many psychological ideas, for instance, Jung’s idea of Individuation, or Maslow’s idea of Self-Actualization. The mythology in the Bible, I believe, is a very important thing to study because it contains ideas that had been passed on for centuries, and they are deeply archetypal in nature. IF one subscribes to the Jungian view of the personality, commonly called Depth Psychology, learning the deeper psychological meaning of these myths, andn the myths in other religious ideas, can have profound effects and knowledge about the very depth of the human psyche and personality. One that is stored within the collective unconscious where the Archetypes reside.
      So these descriptions, from what I understand coming from a more Gnostic, Occult, and psychological point of view, is not something that is literal, but instead holds a story about the deepest parts of our personalities.

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