Bible and the Occult- Genesis 46-50

Bible and the Occult- Genesis 46-50

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Greetings everyone and welcome to our next installment of the Bible and the Occult series, Genesis 46-50! I know it’s been about a week since I last made a post over this, but that is because I have been busy due to the hoGenesis, the Beginninglidays.

I have actually cut back on my post, to three a week instead of five, and I’ll try to make it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wednesday has, as of right now, be designated for the Bible and Scripture Series. I am sorry for the change of schedule and I hope you understand.

With all that being said, today is an exciting day because it is our last section of Genesis! Genesis has been an exciting book in the Bible, with all sorts of controversy and fun topics. Today will have some fun topics, though not as controversial as some other ones.

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Will all that out-of-the-way now, let’s take a look at these last chapters of Genesis, which finish our story over the beginnings and the end of the forefather’s of the Israelite nation.

Genesis 46- Father and Son Unite

Most of this chapter dealt with the genealogies of Israel’s sons, but it does have some exciting parts to it.

At the beginning we see that Israel and his family leave the town they live in to go to Egypt, where Joseph is. Israel has a direct revelation from the Divine on his way there, telling him to not be afraid, and he would see his son Joseph.

Israel and JosephWhen they make it to Egypt, Joseph tells Israel to tell the Pharaoh that he is a sheep herder, because the Egyptians do not like sheep herders, and this could raise the reputation of them, because of Joseph’s connection to the Pharaoh.

I think that this passage is mainly telling us of the wonderful ending of a great myth, and that is the father and son uniting. A deep love has reconnected, which is something we see in many myths and even up to today, in media. So there is a sort of archetypal story here, that continues though all of the time, told in different ways.

It’s also interesting that Israel talked with the Divine. He is officially the last forefather of the Israelite nation, and we see he is connected to the Divine in a way that allows him to follow his True Will.

Genesis 47- Re-distribution of Food

This was an interesting chapter, in my opinion. There is not much going for it in way of psychology and occultism. I think it is a myth that tries to explain the tradition of the Egyptians at the time, which included giving one fifth of their food to the Pharaoh.

To start off, the chapter talks about how Israel and his family is introduced to the Pharaoh. They are then promised and given the best land in Egypt. After this, Joseph ends up buying all the land from the Egyptians except that of the priest.

He then begins to split the food up and distribute it to the people. IT’s a tough chapter for me to stomach because I do not like that kind of governing power, and Let’s face it, that is a government power as Joseph was second in command with on the Pharaoh being above him.

I’m not sure what else to say about this chapter. Israel tells Joseph that he will be buried with his father when he dies. I’ll attach a video below and you can learn about the Tome of the Forefathers, because it is interesting to learn.

Genesis 48- Israel’s Final Speech begins

Israel is about to diAngel in the minde. He knows it is almost that time, and he knows he must get in his final words before he does. He calls forth his grandsons, who are the sons of Joseph, and he blesses them.

At first, Joseph tries to correct him, since he is blessing the younger one n a way that the elder should be blessed, however, he made it clear that it is the younger one that will have the most offspring and be the greater of the two. That is pretty much it. You see why I said there is not much going on in the end here. It is essentially, the end of a great myth.

Israel talks about his Angel, which seems the same as the Divine he speaks with, guided him and protected him. This could have been his Holy Guardian Angel, which in my opinion, is probably a Higher State of Consciousness that is hidden within the Collective Unconscious of mankind.

Genesis 49- The Zodiac

I really like this chapter. You have the 12 sons of Jacob, and I believe that in his speech to them, he hints at them being like the Zodiac in the sky. Remember, I view this as mostly myth, and it is a myth that has been ingrained into the Collective Unconscious of mankind. So it makes sense that the Zodiac could be seen in this pasZodiac signsage.

So how? Well you have the 12 sons of Israel, and the 12 zodiac signs. The most obvious one in my opinion, is Judah, who is seen as a lion. That is obviously Leo. Issachar is Cancer, the one who lives between the borders. Zebulun is Capricorn, the sea goat that lives by the sea. Reuben is Aquarius, and so on. There is not enough space in here to talk about all this, however, this is a great topic to discuss further in another post!

Other than that, there is not much more in this chapter to talk about. I think this point is huge though, because it talks about something that verifies the importance of the Collective Unconscious, and that it can be used in Occultism.

Genesis 50- Israel Des, the End

Now that Israel is dead, Genesis ends. It speaks of Israel being buried with his father, and Joseph is in Egypt, living and dying there, where he is buried in a coffin. It is the best way to end such an epic book and it prepares the way for the next book, which we will be getting into in time. That is about all there is to know in this chapter.

End of an Epic Book

So we have been all through the book of Genesis. It has been a fun ride, and we see the beginning of everything in it. These myths have profound meanings within them, and today we saw a direct link between the Zodiac and the twelve sons of Israel.

Next week I’m trying to decide whether I want to do the next book in the Bible, or go to another section of the Bible and do a book from that section, to keep it interesting.

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