Bible and the Occult- Genesis 41-45

Bible and the Occult- Genesis 41-45

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Oh we are almost done with Genesis. We have this post, and one more on Sunday and we will actually be done with Genesis! These next ten chapter will deal primarily with Joseph and his relationship with his family.

We will also see how Joseph transforms to the Hero of the story that we have been waiting for. He has Joseph overseesbeen through a lot, and it is about time for him to shine.

In these chapters, we will watch a simple man in prison become the second most powerful person in Egypt, so powerful that people in other countries come to visit and talk to him for help.

If you are curious of how Joseph got here in the first place, check out this link here, as I have already been over that.

So with that out of the way, let’s check out what these chapters say in the scope of the Bible and the Occult!

Pharaoh has a Dream- Genesis 41

Immediately following what happened in the last chapter, we see that Pharaoh has a dream. The dream was backed by another dream that seemed to have the same meaning. Neither Pharaoh, nor his workers, could understand the dream.

Suddenly, the man that Joseph said would survive according to his dream, remember Joseph was locked up, and could interpret dreams. He immediately told Pharaoh about Joseph.

Pharaoh had Joseph brought to him and Joseph told him what the meaning of the dream was, which is that there Joseph interprets dreamswould be seven good years of harvest and seven bad years of famine. The two dreams back-to-back meant that it was already established to happen.

So when this did end up happening, Egypt was well-prepared for it, and Pharaoh promoted Joseph as his right-hand man, with Pharaoh being the only person more powerful than him in all of Egypt.

There are a few things I would like to talk about within this chapter. The first is the fact that Joseph finally caught a break. He has been through the test, and the trials in which the Hero Archetype must go through. He has been reborn as a true hero, worthy of power and fame because he became the savior of the Egyptian people.

Thus, the Trickster has transformed into the Hero, which happens so often in the myths of old.

Another important thing to realize here is how strong the dreams are, and that they actually have some meaning in the lives of others. I believe that we should all keep a dream journal, and try to understand what our dreams are telling us, because they come from the Unconscious mind, which is where the Holy Guardian Angel resides, and where Magick comes from.

Finally, I don’t want to get too much into the history of Egypt, but perhaps there is a Pharaoh that everyone should look up. Akhenaten, who was later rejected by Egypt, tried to bring forth the worship of One God. Could this, perhaps, lead credence to the idea that there was a Hebrew presence there and a man influenced a Pharaoh to worship on God? Maybe. Decide for yourself! Here is a link to check him out!

Brothers Unite- Genesis 42

So the famine was so bad, that even Israel and his sons were having trouble. After hearing of Egypt, and how good they were doing, he sent his sons to go get some food from the Pharaoh if the Pharaoh will allow it.

He would not let Benjamin go because he did not want to lose his youngest son not that he thought Joseph was dead. The brothers went there and they saw Joseph, but did not recognize him, though he recognized them.Joseph and his brothers

He had them put in prison for three days and let them out, telling them to bring their youngest brother to prove they were not lying. He kept Simeon in the prison. He then had their money given back to them, without them knowing it.

They got back to Israel, and he would not send Benjamin out to Egypt in fear something would happen to him.

I find this passage interesting. It finally shows us that the dream that Joseph had many years ago, would be fulfilled, as his brothers were bowing to him, the spokesperson of Egypt. They may not have realized it, but Joseph did.

Again, this proves the importance of dreams. We can use our dreams to accomplish so much if we really want to.

All Brothers Unite- Genesis 43

Finally, after a rough time, Israel gives in and sends all the brothers to Egypt. Joseph was pleased to see his youngest brother and held a feast for them.

Joseph and his brotherHe sat in a separate table than them, because Hebrews and Egyptians could not eat together at the same table, though he made sure that Benjamin got the most out of the feast.

That is all that is really going on in this chapter. I think this chapter plays as a bridge to what happens for the rest of Genesis, especially in dealing with Joseph and his family.

Perhaps, an important aspect is that Benjamin was treated better. This could be a small form of revenge, since Benjamin did nothing wrong, but the others did. I saw nothing wrong with this personally, and in Thelema, we don’t play into that whole Karma thing. No, you piss us off, and do to us what Joseph brothers did to him, we are going to go at you with a vengeance.

Prison Again?- Genesis 44

Once again, Joseph is about to send them on their way, but frames them as thieves. Because of this, he takes Benjamin to keep in prison. His brother Judah comes to defend Benjamin.

Really that is all that is going on in this chapter too, but this chapter leads up to the great reveal in the next chapter! So all that’s really important here is to see how Joseph reverts to a Trickster type tactic and tricks the brothers in order to satisfy his revenge tactics. Again, I see nothing wrong with that.

Because I don’t have much to say on this chapter, I am going to leave a video below and you can check out what a traditional Christian say about this passage. I don’t agree with them 100 percent, but it is helpful to know other sides of the coin.

Joseph is Revealed- Genesis 45

Joseph could no longer hold in what he was feeling. He let the brothers know who he was, and they were all shocked to hear this. After he was able to convince them, he sent them away with great wealth, and asked them to come back with his father Israel.

At first Israel Joseph reveals himselfdid not believe the brothers, but when they showed him of the great wealth, he was overjoyed, and prepared to go to Egypt with the rest of his family.

Finally we have the Truth revealed. Joseph is alive and Israel gets to see him before he dies. I’m sure he was overjoyed about this, as I would be if it were my son.

In all honesty, I don’t think there is much to learn from when it comes to the occult in this chapter. This is, of course, another bridge chapter, to tell how Israel finds out about Joseph.

Genesis Almost Complete

So, there it is, five more chapters down. There is not a lot to learn from as far as the Occult goes here. Most of these chapters have been bridges to the rest of the story. One thing we have to remember when it comes to the Christian Bible. It was not originally in Chapters and Verses, so that is why chapters can be a little odd at times.

As you may know, I use the Catholic Answers Bible because of its translations and the fact that it is a Catholic version, which is usually closer to the original language than Protestant ones. You definitely want to get a copy so that you can keep up with the series!

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