Bible and The Occult- Genesis 31-35

Bible and The Occult- Genesis 31-35

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

We have officially reached the point to where the story focuses on the last patriarch of Israel, and that is Jacob. These five chapters will show how Jacob has matured since leaving his father’s house.

We will see how Jacob got in a fight with an angel, and how that led to his name change, changing it to Israel.

And what of his brother Esau? He is coming home to meet his family after years of not seeing them, and today we will be going over that and how Esau, the brother he deceived and took everything from, will react.

So a couple of things before we get started. One, if you enjoy this series, check out the link here to see all the post on it so far! Also, keep in mind that I make one post every Wednesday and Sunday, so be sure to come back for that!

Also, I am using the New American Standard Bible, Revised Edition. I like this version because it is a superb Catholic Version that makes use of the Latin, which is what most the Bible was translated to in the Early Church.

So with all that out of the way, lets dig into the Bible and the Occult!

Angry Father-In-Law- Genesis 31

Immediately going into this chapter we see that Laban is treating Jacob differently than he had before. He was angry that Jacob is leaving now, taking with him, Laban’s daughters and grandchildren.

Jacob starts to notice this change, and so he prepares himself and his family to leave while Laban is busy out in the field. The Divine lets him know that he is safe, and he lets his wives know what he is about to do. They agree with Gnosis is powerhim and are ready to leave their father’s household.

As they were leaving, Rachel steals some idols that Laban had at home, which will be a very important point later in Scripture. Laban, after finding out they had left, pursues and catches them.

He is mad that Jacob left without notice, and that someone has stolen his idols. Jacob did not know Rachel had taken them and told Laban to search all he had.

Laban did and did not find them because Rachel made an excuse which kept him from checking her items. After this Jacob went on an understandable rant about all he had done for Laban. Laban did not have much to say after that, so they made a pact together, and put their differences away, giving a Sacrifice to the Divine.

I believe that this chapter is to explain some hardships that the man who will later be called Israel. This is important to note because as part of their mythology, the Hebrew people will want to talk about the trials that their founders went through.

Also, Jacob was instructed by the Divine to leave. That is an interesting point. I believe this was his Holy Guardian Angel, which is part of his Collective and Individual Unconscious.

On top of this, we also see Rachel stealing an idol from her dad. I think that this is a story telling us to not steal. For some Jewish people, what happens to Rachel later is payback for her theft, known to some as Rachel’s curse. We will be looking at that later in the post.

Scared, fighting the Divine- Genesis 32

This is an interesting chapter. First we have Jacob sending his servants to meet his brother, bearing gifts and letting Esau know he was sorry for all he had done to him.

When the servants came back to Jacob, they let him know that Esau was coming with 400 men to meet Jacob. Jacob was scared and thus prepared for the worst, dividing his camp into two so that one may escape if attacked.

Later in the night, Jacob got into a fight with an unknown, unnamed person, and was able to subdue that person after his thigh nerve had been pinched.

The myths in this chapter tell us about the dangers of fear. We will se later that Jacob has an irrational fear that causes him to react in a way that could potentially get him harmed. Do not fear what you Unconscious tells you though! Your Will not cause you harm, though you may be afraid.

Perhaps the more interesting story here, though, is the one that has Jacob fighting an angel. Could this be his Holy Guardian Angel? He made it bless him before he let it go. It finally did bless him.

I think this shows the trouble we can go through when following our true Will. ultimately, though, we do prevail if we are patient, and we can do amazing things! After the fight Jacob’s name became Israel, and he is the Father of the Israelite nation.

Brothers Unite- Genesis 33

This is a relatively short chapter that basically talks about Esau finally coming to meet Jacob. I’m not going to spend much time on this chapter because I think it was made for one reason, and that is to tell how Jacob and Esau made amends.

This is important because it shows the importance of family in the Israelite nation.

Rape of a Sister- Genesis 34

This chapter is a little tough to stomach, so if you don’t want to read this chapter, please go ahead a skip it.

I really don’t want to spend much time on this chapter either, as the topic really bothers me. Basically, Dinah, the sister of Israel’s sons, was raped by a man, who ended up marrying her. So her brothers went into the town in the middle of the night and slaughtered all the men in the town.

I believe this myth is told to tell how bad it is to impose our Will on others. In fact, I would argue that this person was not imposing their true Will, but a perverse will that caused harm to an innocent woman.

Do I believe Justice was served? Yes. But maybe a little over the top considering all the males were killed.

Rachel’s Curse- Genesis 35

In this chapter we see that Jacob had all the idols buried so that only his God would be worshiped in the country. Shortly after, Rebekah became pregnant, and her maid died.

She did not have a nurse to help her get through this pregnancy, and so she ended up dying. Some Jewish people feel this is due to the curse she brought on herself when she stole the idol from her dad. Her life was cut short because of it.

I think that is the point of this myth ultimately.

Jacob the Forefather

So in these chapters we see what happened with Israel, the last forefather of the Israelite nation, and they are the last few about him. In the next few chapters we will begin to see how Israel’s children grow up and act, in particular, Joseph. That will be interesting to see!

So be back here on Sunday to check that out!

If you have any questions, please let me know! I will respond to all the comments and questions you have!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

4 thoughts on “Bible and The Occult- Genesis 31-35

  1. asmadi

    Hi Jessie, I like this post! I can see the point of view that you present especially in terms of humanity.

    Especially Genesis 34, I agree with your perspective on how it should be. But maybe, in my opinion there is another story behind the incident. For example she married the man, with the scenario in her mind to weaken the enemy, maybe? What do you think?

    By the way, I’m happy with this website. This website shows the side of Human Logic that is sometimes often neglected by many people!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you so much for the awesome comment!  I never thought about that but that could very well be the reasoning behind what she did, or at least a reasoning behind it.  That is a great point that I never thought about!

  2. Stephanie

    You mentioned that you were using the Standard Bible, Revised Edition, because it has a touch of what the Catholic religion looks like. I’m sorry if I’m being ignorant but I really don’t have so much knowledge when it comes to the different type of Bibles, but what is the difference from that Bible to the other Christian Bibles?

    It’s intefesting to see how Rachel was basically condemned for stealing something, but in today’s world people condemn women for absolutely anything while the man does the same thing and he’s not even mentioned. 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I think the biggest difference is the fact that Catholics have more books in theor bible.  Also they tend to go with more ancient translations. 

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