Bible and the Occult- Genesis 21-25

Bible and the Occult- Genesis 21-25

Do what Thou Will shall be the Whole of the Law

Today we will get through the first half of Genesis. Already we have seen how the Bible and the Occult are linked together within the first 20 chapters of Genesis. Now we will be look at 21-25.

These passages are pretty cut and dry passages, so there will not be a lot going on. I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible, though it can be tough.

There is one chapter I am excited to talk about today, though, and that is Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son Isaac to the Divine. I love controversial passages like this, and today we will be going over that, and seeing how it applies to the Occult and to psychology as well.

As always, I want to make it clear that I use the New American Bible, Revised Edition. I will leave a link here for you Scripture and Gnosisto be able to get your own! I like it because it is a superb Catholic translation, and it has all we need in it to review all the Bible (Catholics and Orthodox have a few extra books in their Bibles that Protestants do not have).

Also, I want to point out something else, as I realize it is confusing some people. Just because I say something is a myth, it does not mean that event did not happen. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, or maybe it did but not in the way it was recorded. When it’s turned to a myth, it becomes part of the Collective Unconscious, and is immortalized within that. They are stories used to help explain human soul and personality.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what these chapters have to tell us!

Wild Man gets a Promise- Genesis 21

At the start of this chapter we see that Sarah, who laughed at the idea of the Divine saying she would have a child, ends up with a child! The promise that was made to her was delivered. This would lead to the next forefather of the Jewish people, Isaac.

Isaac seemed to be a boy would was kind and loving, and played with his half brother all the time. You will remember that Ishmael, the half brother, was the one that was to be a wild man, and have many nations come from his offspring. He is also the one that Muhammad claimed to have been a descendant from.

Sarah did not like Isaac playing with a servant’s child and ordered Abraham to release them into the desert. Abraham, reluctant, did so because the Divine had told him it would be okay.

In the desert, Hagar felt like her and Ismael would die, as they ran out of water. She faced him away from her so that Hagar and Ishmaelshe would not have to see something like this happen to her son. When the boy cried, though, the Divine heard him and told Hagar to not be afraid. He opened her eyes, so that she would see a well of water that was nearby.

This myth was probably primarily told to explain the beginning of a larger nation that would come at odds with Israel. However, within it we can see some occult ideas, mainly the fact that the Divine comes down to tell Hagar that it will be okay, and causes her to see a well of water.

This Divine figure is seen as an angel to the ancient writers, and could refer to her Holy Guardian Angel, or some Divine Angel, which has been projected from her Higher Self.

Notice that this happens after the child is heard crying, which would cause great distress from the mother. To me it makes sense that the Unconscious would project an Angel to help her, because she does not want her child feeling like this.

There is not much more on Ismael, so if you are curious about him and what some religious traditions say about him click here.  There are plenty of resources to read up on.

A Son Sacrificed- Genesis 22

Here is the story many of us as kids, may have had nightmares on. This is where Abraham is commanded by God to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.

Abraham actually listens to the Divine here, and leads his boy up to be Sacrificed on an altar. To many this seems like a cruel thing to do, and I would have to agree.

Abraham and Isaac at the AltarHowever, I think there may be a deeper story here. Isaac is almost seen as a figure of Christ, whom we will be discussing further down the road. Christ was lead and actually sacrificed on a Cross, as the perfect symbol of humanity.

So in some cosmic sort of way, the innocence of Isaac stands for the ideal self of humanity. Isaac can also be seen as the Trickster Archetype in this story because he was very naive. He followed his father, who was giving the signs of him being the sacrifice, but did not listen to those signs.

So, I do not think Abraham is the central role here, I actually think it is Isaac. The Divine did promise Abraham many descendants, but It had already promised him that before. These descendants would also be descendants of Isaac, since Isaac was the seed which would bring forth those descendants. So in a sense, this promise was made to Isaac too!

Sarah Dies- Genesis 23

This chapter goes through what happened when Sarah died. Abraham is naturally depressed over this matter, as is his son Isaac, who we will be getting to in the next few chapters.

Abraham, having a lot of money, ends up buying a cave for two, with the land, for 400 shekels, which would equate to a little over 100 USD today. That was a decent amount of money back in the ancient times.

He buried his wife there, and he along with his family and the nation mourned the death of Sarah.

Again, there is not much here that needs to be said. I believe this myth is to help explain where Abraham and his wife lay to rest so the ancient Jewish people would revere the spot.

I’ve actually seen the supposed place of this cave, and it is beautiful. I’ve never been in though.  I attached a video so that you can get a good look at the Tomb through it.

Isaac’s Wife- Genesis 24

In this chapter we see Abraham getting his servant to promise him to find Isaac a wife who is from his own house, and not from the Canaanites. The servant, who was a man of faith, put a test in place that would let him know that the Divine had led him to the right woman.

This woman would be Rebekah. He was pleased to have found her, and he met with her family would agree that she could go with him to marry Isaac.

However, when the servant was about to leave, the family said she must stay a little longer. The servant said he must go now, and so they let Rebekah choose. Rebekah chose to go with the servant at that time.

On her way there she saw Isaac coming to meet them and Isaac saw her on the back of a camel. They were Images of Isaac and Rebekahattracted to each other at that moment in time, further proving that she was the one, and then they were married.

I think this story shows two things. One, it shows the importance of testing things, even if they come from the Divine. It is important to know what you are doing is indeed what your Holy Guardian Angel is telling you to do in the Great Work, and what your Higher Self is called to do.

This story also shows the importance of the Lovers Archetype, which is exemplified in the Lover Tarot card. We see a sort of love story between Isaac and Rebekah, kind of like what we would see in a romantic comedy, when two people see each other, and fall in love almost instantly.

These kinds of stories come from deep within our Collective Unconscious, and this myth goes to show how long it has been going on.

The Death of Abraham, rights are sold- Genesis 25

In the last chapter we will be looking at today, we see that Abraham ends up dying, and both his sons, Isaac and Ishmael, were there to mourn his death as they buried him next to Sarah in the cave.

We then see that Isaac, who now has a wife that has helped him get over the lose of his mother, and his father, has had two children, Esau and Jacob.

Esau is what it means to have a manly persona, coming out with hair all over him, and that hair being red. Jacob was holding Esau foot coming out, which is a way of saying they were rivals from birth.

Jacob the deveiver Then we end up finding out that one parent preferred one child and the other preferred the other child. This would create further rivalry between them.

So what happens? One day, Esau came home hungry. In his impulsive behaviors, he sold his firstborn right to Jacob for some food.

I feel this story is setting the stage for all the things that happen afterward. The Hebrew people wanted a legit reason on why it was Jacob who was one of the forefathers, and not Esau, and they wanted it to be a reason that would put Jacob in a better light.

We will see in later chapters, that this is not going to be the last time Jacob tricks Esau. In fact, Jacob, right now, would be a great figure for the Trickster Archetype, who late becomes a hero!

A New Story Begins

So now the story will be focused in on Isaac and Jacob, and then Joseph, for the rest of Genesis. I hope that you have gotten something from the series so far and learned of a new way of looking at the Bible!

Remember, I do this series every Wednesday and Sunday so be sure to come back next Sunday for the Genesis 26-30.!

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If you have any questions, or comments, or complaints, please leave them down in the comment section! I love reading them, and will get back as soon as possible!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T

54 thoughts on “Bible and the Occult- Genesis 21-25

  1. Travis

    Very interesting interpretations if these biblical stories! I have heard them before obviously but never though about the way you are describing them. Make you think a little. I’m not very familiar with the Occult, do you have further reading on the subject? How does it differ from the Jewish/Christianity faiths? I guess I’ve always had a negative connotation of the Occult since it is unfamiliar to me. Thank you for the help!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Yes!  Check out the post overthe Equinox here!  It’s a great index of magick knowledge. 

      The occult is different mainly in that it teaches the Truth is within us and we have the power to affect change in our world.

  2. Hi, I really like how you explained some stories from the Bible in such a simple way. Actually reading the Bible takes skill..I think a lot of people are simply discouraged by certain terms and just language in general. Your site can really help people understand in a different way. Very interesting to read.

  3. Enrique

    Hi, Jessie,

    Your interpretation of these Bible passages is interesting. I have read them before but never thought of them like that.
    When I first came across your site, I thought it would be about occultism, astrology or the like. What a nice surprise it turned out to be.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Giddy

    Why twist bible man

  5. Benson

    Hello Jesse, it’s always a pleasure reading through your various posts. The stories of the Bible are not one you can just understand from mere understanding due to some hidden meaning and messages which are being passed across to us by the Almighty. Wel, it is very nice of your to explain these stories in such a way anyone would easily understand without much questions to ask. It’s always a pleasure to be here .

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!

  6. Stephanie

    “This myth” are there any scientific evidence that proves that what the Bible states isn’t accurate? The Bible is really complex, for me Genesis was one of the most interesting books especially since (if I’m not mistaking) is the one where Sodoma and Gomorra are spoken about? Will you do an apocalypses analysis as well? 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are confusing what something means to be a myth.  A myth does not mean it did not happen, nor does it mean it did.  It could have happened,  It may not have happened, and it could have happened a different way.

      You are correct about what Genesis covers and I will be going over all the Catholic bible.

  7. Mikhail

    The bible is an incredible document, however has it passed the trial of time? History has a tendency to alter things. For example, winners will always write history books. We are always bound by someone’s interpretation. I have also heard information that the bible is actually a lot longer than what is available to the public. This really skews my ability to view this document as a credible source, even though some of the stories within it are incredible. There are also lots of metaphors hidden within it and people dedicate their lives to trying to figure out those hidden things. 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I agree! I think it has deeper meanings to it than what people realize.

  8. Temidayo

    The passage you are focusing on here is quite interesting to me. I wonder if Abraham had told his wife Sarah that God told him to sacrifice the son they’ve long waited for, what would have been her reaction? Please, was there a bible that Abraham read that taught him how to obey God’s voice?

    Where did Abraham learn to obey? Please forgive my several questions. I’m just curious. Some of these stories we hear and read about that seem to inspire puzzle me. 

    There is also an interesting story here, where Sarah told her husband  to sleep with her maid. Hmm. Thanks for sharing

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I’m not sure if he told his wife or not.  I assume he didn’t.  I also don’t think there was a Bible, but I think he may have been misguided by what he thought was the Divine.  I am unsure where he learned to obey the Divine.  

  9. Bella

    The story of Abraham is one story that anyone wouldn’t forget due to the “many nature” that has come us from his children. Thisntory have been one of my favourite and i must say its nice seeing your view of it and linking some aspect of it to the occult which is something that interests me a lot. I understand well that these stories have hidden meaning and its nice to see your view of it. Best regards.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you!

  10. Pablo

    I like the clarification you make about myths, that they may exist just in a different way may be.

    The idea of the subconscious looking for an answer, a solution within us when we have a need or an emergency is real and I agree.

    In a quieter moment many times we do not see a solution, but when we are in a hurry we can quickly find a solution. It may not be perfect or the best, but it can help us get ahead.

    It is interesting to see how there is a tendency in the bible that prepares the reader a little, and helps him think in a way, right?. I mean, when it was sought that Jacob be considered ancestor and not Esau. This is so?

    Well, we await the next chapter of this story! Really very well structured and fun to read.


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Yes and thank you!

  11. Michael

    Hi Jessie. I really enjoy reading your simplified interpretations. As a father, I am always moved by the story of Abraham taking Isaac to be sacrificed. This shows the trust he had in God and that God was truly first in his life. I would have a hard time trusting God at that level, but I think we could and should put him first in our lives and trust that he is in control. Just as in the story of Isaac, we may find that God will step in and give us the guidance and resolutions that we need. Thank you again for the time you put into this week after week. Michael

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!

  12. Nathaniel

    Jessie – I agree that the Bible is spiritual, but I don’t really see the connection to the occult.  Actually one of the categories of activities that fall under the definition of the occult is divination.  However, the Bible speaks against it by stating in Lev 19:26, “Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it. “‘Do not practice divination or sorcery.”  NIV  Can you explain your connection?  Thanks!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I plan on going over that when I get to that book, but, I will make a few points. 

      1.  What about this particular passage cannot be linked to the Occult?

      2.  Not all the Bible is about the occult, and some things have been written that may be against what the Occult is.  I believe the Bible was written by people, inspiried?  Depends on what you mean by inspired.

  13. Ron

    I have read your article and you have a very unique perspective.  I cannot say that I agree with what you say or how you interpret the Bible. 

    I think that is Important to remember that the document (The Bible) was written to be an Interpreted document. I believe it was intentionally written in that sense, So that All people could interpret and draw Truths and Wisdom from it according to their faith.  Additionally, I have learned that as a Person grows in their Faith, they will find additional meanings and purpose in the writings of The Bible. 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!

  14. I feel like my Dad and you could talk for hours on end about this piece.
    Definitely a religious walking dictionary that guy. There definitely is some amazing stories to be known throughout the Bible and you’ve highlighted some interesting ones here.

    -All the best


  15. This is an excellent post. The Bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is the final authority to mankind. We do not know how to exist until we read the Word of God. The occult is a supernatural and practices of humankind. But God is the creator of the universe. Thank you for sharing this post with us and the world.

  16. Rodarrick

    I’m amazed at your understanding of the bible and your interpretation of the bible. It actually seems rather unconventional to me and it takes deep knowledge and wisdom to reason the way you do. I’m simply wowed at how you simplified the bible so well. Thank you for breaking this down. I love every bit of the reading and I will surely check back more often

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!

  17. Mark

    I am not a religious person at all but , I do enjoy your posts. I find that the bible seems to be an amalgamation of stories that are told and retold sharing the same basis but with different characters. The similarity between the story of Isaac and the story of Jesus are quite striking. Reading the the Story about Rebekah made me think of the princess and the pea. The princess is tested in the way Rebekah was tested. You can see strong links between the biblical stories and many of the most famous stories from modern history. Thank you for yet another thought provoking post. Mark

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!

  18. Steve Costello

    Hi, I love how you relate the bible and how it applies to the Occult and psychology. Personally though, I wonder if some readers may have a problem with concepts on the Occult? It has after all had some very negative press and for some, they may even think it involves negative satanic rituals. You mention what it really is in this post but I wonder if some people may not get that far because they see only the negatives. That’s a great pity because this is a very interesting post and relevant today. Thank you.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for the post!  I was hoping it would be a little controversial.   For those it repeals, it will attract even more I believe.

  19. Wilson

    I love how you outline and discuss the importance of the events. It is hard to read the actual bible because it is so long and not very easy to understand. 

    I find the sacrifice of Isaac very interesting. It was supposed to be Abraham’s sacrifice of his only son, but it is actually Isaac’s sacrifice because he is the one dying! There are so many lessons in Genesis and you can spend a lifetime understanding all of the lessons in the Bible. 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!

  20. Paul

    Hi Jessie,

    Being a follower of CHRIST your post means a lot to me and I felt bad & asked myself how I missed this site.

    A great walk-through on the genesis chapter 21 to 25 and I got helpful insights from your post. The information you shared about the sacrifice is an eye-opener for me.

    Just a personal thought… Since GOD is going to give HIS own SON as a sacrifice HE just wanted to check whether humans can do the same. Thank GOD Abraham obeyed GODS word.

    You have given a lot of value in this post. For sure I will bookmark your site!

    GOD Bless!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you!

  21. Andy Hartley

    Hi, Really well written blog. I enjoyed It thoroughly, particularly the differences between old and newer version of the bible, I was unaware there were different versions. 

    You put it across very relatable way and Its made me view the bible differently. Well done and please keep the content coming.

    Best Regards,


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!

  22. Pentrental

    I totally agree when you talk about myths and that maybe they happened, maybe they didn’t happen or maybe they were just recorded or interpreted differently. Great explanation here about Isaac and it’s interesting to think of him as a central figure over Abraham. The Trickster Archetype is also an interesting archetype perhaps rooted in the Bible’s darker shades. I think Genesis is one of the more interesting books as it deals with the beginning so I’m definitely looking forward to what you come up with in 26-30, well done!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Indeed the trickster archetype is!! I love the Trickster and we can find him all in the Bible!

  23. DreaJay

    First of all, I really appreciate you for defining what you actually mean whenever you use the word myth, it’s true that some people will be confused and term it to something else which is bad. I believe that the Bible is a book that contains information and words form the divine and to so many people, it is always translated in many ways and this is why we have different ideas about it. This is a nice detail information, I like it 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!

  24. Nuttanee

    This is nee to m that the Catholic bible is different then the Protestants. I have no idea that the Lovers card represents Issac and Rebecca. That is a nice touch and it shows the link between occult and the bible. Now I want to get the new American bible revised edition just to read for fun. Cannot wait what you have to share on Sunday 🙂 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!  Sooner or later I’m going to check out the Orthodox and Syrian ones too, because they have even more books than the Catholic bible!

  25. Henderson

    Understanding the Bible is not a thing that one can easy do and this is the exact reason why I think that your post here is a very good one and also a very well written post. Looking at this from the angle of Christianity, I agree with this. Your interpretations are very thought provoking and it makes me want to read the Bible more. Great work here.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!

  26. Carmen

    Interesting post. The Bible raises some difficulties if you try to read it. This article explains the meaning of all the passages in the Bible. I particularly liked how you explained love at first sight. And the fact that it must be tested even if it is divine in nature.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Yes!  Always test it!  Thank you!

  27. Wildecoll

    Most times, when I get to read through the stories in the Bible, I always have various ideas and conceptions about them that’s why I always I love reading your articles. The story of Abram and Sarah is a very interesting one, the reaction of Sarah  to Abram had it been he told her about the sacrifice God asked him to make with Isaac is a very delicate one i can’t even imagine and anyways, i think she’ll agree. Thanks

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you!

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