Bible and the Occult- Genesis 11-15

Bible and the Occult- Genesis 11-15

Do what Thou Will shall be the whole of the Law,

So far we have seen how the Creation Myth relates to theBible and the Occult and even Psychology. We also saw how the first family myth and flood myth relates to Archetypes and magick rituals. Today we will be going over the Father of the Hebrew Nation, Abram (who later becomes Abraham).

Abraham actually takes up a good portion of Genesis. He is a central figure within it, and the myths surrouFather Sun watching usnding him are vital to the Hebrew people.

In these five chapters we will also be looking at the tower of Babel, and how the Divine caused humanity to use different languages because of the tower they were building.

Again, as always, I want to stress the fact that I am using the New Revised American Bible. It is a Catholic Translation that I have found to be a very good one.

With all that out of the way let’s get into the Bible and the Occult!

Tower of Babel- Genesis 11

To start things off, we see in this myth that all the people were of one language. They wanted to build a tower to the Heavens and become one with the Divine.

The Divine, descending upon the Earth, saw that this was happening and so He cast upon the human race, a variety of different languages.

you have the power!I cannot say for sure that there is any specific Occult knowledge in this passage. If there is I am unaware of it. I feel this myth was created to help explain why there are so many languages.  For more information on the Tower of Babel here is a link!  There is no way I could cover everything about it in one post!

I suppose one way to look at it from an Occult standpoint is the fact that the Divine descended upon the Earth. He does not stay within the Heavens like traditional Christianity thinks. He is actively comes down and participates with His creation.

From a psychological standpoint we can see the Trickster Archetype, and how foolish mankind must have been to babble around in different languages. This, of course, sets the stage for a Hero figure, and that is Abram.

This passage begins the introduction of Abram, and it speaks of how he had no children, which will play an important part in later passages.

The Hero was first the Trickster- Genesis 12

Abram seemed to be in direct contact with the Divine. He could hear and speak to Them as if there were right in front of him. This is a common theme throughout the Old Testament and I have a theory as to why that is.

In the Occult we believe that we can come in contact with Holy Guardian Angel. This is not an easy process, and it can take years to happen. I believe that the Holy Guardian Angel is a part of our Collective Unconscious that manifest Itself into reality once we have unleashed it.

Of course, in the Ancient Hebrew times, there were no thoughts on the Collective Unconscious and reaching a state of Divinehood by unleashing it. Instead, they did what they felt was best, and thatThe Jester is a well known figure of the Trickster Archetype was to worship the Divine.

We meet Abram pretty late into his lifespan. This helps lead to the idea that he was indeed in contact with His Holy Guardian Angel, as this does not often happen in younger years.

Abram was seen as a person who was in contact with God often, and was blessed by Him. However, even in his piety and in his connection with his Angel, Abram made some mistakes in his later life.

When he moved to Egypt because of a famine, he lied to the Pharaoh, and had them believing his wife was in fact his sister. He did this out of fear. That is something we need to learn from actually. When we are in contact with our Holy Guardian Angel, and we are doing our Will, fear need not hold us back.

It did Abram, though. Because of this the Pharaoh and his household became cursed. Pharaoh, after he had already given Abram food and gold, summoned Abram and told him and his household to leave Egypt. This is an example of the Trickster Archetype because Abram lied and tricked the Pharaoh, and this caused chaos throughout the land.

Here is one of my favorite videos on the Trickster Archetype, if you are interested!  It helps explain a little on why it makes sense that Abram was both the Trickster and the Hero Archetype.

Family Depart- Genesis 13

The next section of Genesis goes over how Abram and Lot (his nephew) departed ways because they could not both be in the same land. Abram did not want the two to fight each other, as their herdsmen were already doing so.

A balance is neededAbram let Lot pick where he would like to go, and Abram would go the opposite way. Lot, being selfish, saw the beautiful land of Sodom and went that way. Abram went the opposite.

This myth sets the stage for some major things to happen later on. For now it is important to note that the Divine blessed Abram, and even though Abram was given the lesser of the lands, he in fact will have the greater.

So I’m not sure that there is much more to know from this passage. It is merely one that is a backstory for another.

The First War and Melchizedek- Genesis 14

And here is where the backstory comes into play. Nations rose up to fight one another, and Sodom was taken over and plundered by other nations. These people took Lot and his family.

Someone had escaped from these captors, and told Abram about what happened. Abram, having the Divine on his side, became the Hero of the Myth, and saved Lot and his family, and taking down the nations that had attacked Sodom.

Lot, because of his base desires, is now seen as the Trickster who was captured, leading way to a transformation into another Archetype. Abram was celebrated here for his courage aAbram used intelligence to overcome his enemynd actions, which are signs of the Hero Archetype.

This is not the most important part of the Myth though, or at least I don’t think it is. The more important part is what happens during this celebration. A Priest named Melchizedek celebrates with them by bringing forth Wine and Bread. This becomes an important aspect in the Christian Cult that would spring up some 2000 years late.

His offering would become a symbol of the Eucharist which the Christian people used, but it can also point to the Eucharist in which the Gnostic partake of too. It represents a sort of victory over the enemy.

It is important to know that symbols are an essential part of human life. I believe that symbols are part of our deepest consciousness, and they put into visuals, what we could not explain otherwise with mere words.

A Promise made, in the Dark Night of the Soul- Genesis 15

Abram was promised again, at the beginning of this chapter, that he would be the father of a great nation. To the Hebrew people, knowing this was extremely important.

Abram did not believe what he was told, but the Divine reassured him. Once we come in contact with our Holy Guardian Angel, that is something we can rest assure on as well, that we can trust what it tells us.

We see, though, that even after leaving a sacrifice for the Divine, Abram was overcome with dread and fear. This could be the equivalent of what the Catholics would call a dark night of the soul. Essentially, Abram was full of doubt and fear that was holding him back from doing his Will. Because this is part of a myth, it typically would not last as long as what an actual dark night would, but it lets the readers know that it does happen.


There is a lot to take in on these chapters, and some rich ideologies going on within them. I hope that I was able to open your mind a little on the possibilities that lie within this book. It is not as cut and dry as some may think it to be, and it has a much more profound meaning than what is just written.

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If you like this series the next one will be over Genesis 16-20, and that will be on Sunday! Also if you like learning about the Tarot, I am doing a series on that every Monday and Friday! Tomorrow I will have a post up about the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and another post that will do a review!

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, or anything, as always, please leave them below in the comment section! I try to make sure to keep up with everything everyone post and I will get back with you!

Love is the Law, Love under Will

Frater C.P.T.

36 thoughts on “Bible and the Occult- Genesis 11-15

  1. Matt

    I have never really thought about scripture like this. I’m not sure I would agree with what you are saying though. I’ve been keeping up with this website. I find it a little disturbing to see people using Scripture like this. No offense, but you need to repent.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Could you point to where I have used Scripture wrongly?

  2. Strahinja

    This is definitely another way to look at the old books and scriptures. There are different theories about Bible and some of them say that it was editied during times to fit in the current rulership and mostly church – as the main ruler through history.

    You bring some interesting points and I will bookmark your website for future posts.

    1. Yes! It has been through a lot of editing and putting different books together. Genesis is thought to have been written by several different authors.

  3. Mike Adkins

    This is fascinating. I haven’t read any scripture since my religious education days back in high school. The way the book was used back then was in a very formulaic way, it was read, talk and write, all to an old very tired way of doing things.
    I wish my old RE teacher had expressed your interesting insights.

    1. Thank you! I’m passionate over these subjects and thought about writing a book over it!

  4. Well, I must say I disagree with your theory that the Bible is a myth. It just makes me sad that anyone would be seeing it that way. As someone who was raised in the church, and is now 47, I can assure you I’ve went through periods of doubt. Most of us do. However, I am more convinced of the truth and validity of the creation fact than I ever was.
    I believe that anyone who sincerely seeks after the truth will, indeed, find it. It is my prayer that you will before it’s too late. No hate here.

    1. I’m actually glad you commented! I love hearing different ideologies! I think one of your points you are trying to make is that the Bible is just a myth. I’m not sure I believe all the Bible is a Myth, as there are many different writers within it. Like the writings of most of the Major Prophets, I believe they are not mythological like some of the rest of the Bible is. I also believe that most of the New Testament is based off factual events.
      But to get a little deeper into the subject, a myth does not mean it is a fiction. It may have happened, it may not have happened, or it could have happened in a way that the writers couldn’t explain it so they explained it the best they could. I believe that most of the time its the writers explaining the best they could.

  5. codevonish

    First let me say I grew up in a fundamentalist christian church until age 18, my father was a preacher. On entering Teachers college in 1964, to study religious education as my principal subject; I changed it after 2 years. I first heard the word myth associated with the Bible; my faith in the organised church, not God,  was chattered from then on,  in history the Bible was used to quiet and brain wash the slaves, today the church is about money, not all, but most. I am keeping my simple faith in God, and worship every day and every where. Very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      You are welcome! Remember though, myth isn’t a bad term! It comes from the Collective Unconscious and it can tell us a lot about ourselves. 

  6. Miles

    Lot was not Abram’s brother but his nephew. Beginning in Genesis 11:27, it addresses the Genealogy and Abram’s brother Har’-ran was the father of Lot.

    1. Fixed it. Thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that. I actually should have because it was very important in my Catholic classes when I was Catholic.

  7. Bella

    Your site is one where I tend to learn something new daily and it’s really nice to get this knowledge. I have heard so many instances where people criticize the Bible for not being credible due to it going through various editing process, but i really don’t have a personal take on it and I feel really pleased learning about the occult view. Best regards .

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!!  There is so much more to the stories in the Bible than what many people realize.

  8. Chloe


    I just wanted to say whether people disagree or agree with your view on ‘myth’, the messages and learnings are still there for everyone. Of course Sodom would be preferred by would be attackers over a lesser ground, but even though Lot choose this, Abram rose above it to provide a rescue.

    All the best, 


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Indeed he did!

  9. O Scott

    I have not been thoroughly exposed to the meaning the bible. You opened my mind to learning more.
    Thank you

  10. Edwin Bernard

    It is interesting that you use Abraham as the central figure in this article. You probably know that it was through his descendants that the three major religions of the world were founded. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Hence the wars and divisions between these religions over the centuries can be viewed as family quarrels. 

    Can you relate these developments to the myths you discuss? We have been watching a TV series called Ancient Aliens where different ancient texts have written about powerful Gods descending from the sky in vehicles that could be spaceships. When you mention that the God of Abraham came down to work with his creation it fits in  perfectly with one of the premises of this series. 

    The many huge ancient landmarks could only have been built with tools we do not even have today. They had to have come from more intelligent beings. Hence myths stated in various religious texts could have given hints about these creatures far from outer space. 

    We live in interesting times and nothing that happens will surprise me.

    Thanks for writing this blog.


    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for the reply! I’ll have to look into that show! 

  11. water life


    It is an interesting article with a different perspective than the one I used to get into school and church growing up. I have read your post and although I do not agree with many, I respect it. Thanks for your interesting and different article with my beliefs.

    However, I agree with your view of the concept of myth.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      thank you very much!

  12. Tucker

    I really liked the passage about how Abram tricked the Pharoah into thinking that his wife was actually his sister. Your explanation of the ramifications of this lie makes me think about the concept of karma. I am not very familiar with this particular passage in the Bible (nor its interpretations), but I wonder if you believe that this part of the story was intended to teach us something similar to this notion of karma? 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I think so. It makes sense that it would. 

  13. Ian

    Though I don’t read the Bible or information such as you provide enough I do feel as I am learning something through this website. I read an article about a banishing ritual on this blog and it was quite interesting as well. I would like to ask what got you into writing a blog specifically about this subject? as I know the world can be a judgemental place and I truly find this stuff interesting. What provides you with ideas for posts?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Oh there are many reasons why I made this blog.  I believe that this is something that we need in our world right now.  People have misunderstood what it means to practice the Occult.  I have also wanted to write a book on the Occult and holy texts, as well as on the Tarot.

  14. Randy Levy

    I never thought the holy bible could be interpreted n so many ways. But I like the fact that you shared what you believe in. But question my question is what shows that the information is reliable, because going through your article I didn’t see any evidence I can rely on.

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I base a lot of my interpretation from the ideas of Carl Jung.

  15. Genia Ashley

    What a great topic to write about.  I never thought about looking into the scripture and an occult,,

    Very thought out, informative and detailed. Definitley a new way to look at a scripture. 

    I can tell you have a great passion, it truly shows in your article. 

    Keep up the good work, Best of luck to you!

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you!

  16. Aly

    This is an interesting look at these events. I’ve always found the tower of Babel story to be very interesting. Real or mythical, it seems an odd “punishment” to create multiple languages to confuse people to thwart building plans and lofty goals. Maybe it is just active participation with his creation. ?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Hehe maybe..

  17. Stephanie

    I saw in your article that you stated you were using the revised American Bible, I have a question about that and Bibles in general. Have Bibles been somehow modified over the years? Also, there are a couple different Bibles out there depending on your religion, what does that mean? Does it mean that the Bible you use is the only “correct one” or? 

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I wouldn’t say it’s the only correct one, but it is a great version based off the Latin Vulgate, which is based off the original languages of the Bible I think. 

      Also, the Catholic bible has a few more books in it than the Protestant ones, and I believe those books to be very important and two of them is actually historical and we know happened.  

      further, I was Catholic before I started the Occult practices, so i am a little biased. 

      Latwe though, I plan on finding a good Orthodox and Syrian Translation because I just found out today they have even more books than the Catholics do. 

  18. Temidayo

    Interestingly, that story/myth about the Tower of Babbel has been on for centuries. While we were little children, our parents will gather us together after the evening meal to talk about some stories in the bible. I was the very curious one. I wanted to now everything. I remember asking my parents who gave birth to God. They were dumbfounded and laughed in the process but never really gave me the answer. I first heard that story from my parents. They told me that the languages we have today are a result of what happened while they were building the tower.

    Please, from the story of Melchizedek and Abraham paying his tithe to him. Is Melchizedek likened as a God, why did Abraham do that?

    1. Jessie Mosley

      I think he is like a representation of the Divine, and what do you mean by why did Abraham do that?

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