Bible and the Occult- Catholic Answers Bible Review

Bible and the Occult- Catholic Answers Bible Review

Terrific Review Thursday!

New Catholic Answer Bible

Rating- Five out of Five Stars

Price- 25.95                                                                                                                  

Pros- Easy to read, reputable Catholic organization, study bible for those curious of Catholic ideas, New American Bible Revised Edition, just a few steps away from original language of the bible

Cons- Catholic version (bad for some, but not for me), it has study topics for Catholics (again, for me good because I like to study other religions and I used to be Catholic), pricey

Recommend- yes, especially if you are following my posts on the Occult and the Bible every Wednesday and Sunday, of which you can find here!


The Bible for Catholics and Non-Catholics!

When I was Catholic, this was my bible of choice. It was written for the modern user! The people at Catholic Answers knew whWe are one in beliefat they were doing when they compiled this one!

It has sections in it that talk about reasons to be Catholic, most of which deal with the Catholic and Protestant differences and how to explain the Catholic side. I feel everyone can learn about this though, because that makes us more educated and understanding of a view, and we will be better prepared to discuss issues with them (though I am a debater by nature, literally, my personality type is known as the debater, so discussions are a little too nice for my liking!)

The Bible for our Series

If you like the series I do on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s the Bible and the Occult, then I highly recommend this Bible, as my studies come directly from this one!

I have fallen in love with this particular version of the Bible for various reasons. Perhaps the main reason is that I got this bible while I was in college at Franciscan University, which is like one of the best University’s for a Catholic Education in America, again in my own opinion.

I really prefer the Catholic bible anyway, because it has the books that I believe are going to be important in our series, and the Protestant Bible does not have those.  If you are curious about those books watch this video!  It will help clear up some of the confusion I believe.

So, one could call me bias over this version, but I’m okay with that. Biased or not, it is still a great version that comes close to the original languages, but keeps it in modern English.

New American Bible Revised Version

Probably the best reason for this version of the Bible is because it is the New American Bible, Revised Edition. I find this to be a superb version of the Bible.

It tries to stay true to the original language, but it is written in modern English. This version of the Bible comes mostly from the Latin Version, but has been updated a little more because of our better understanding of what the original meant and said.

Made by a Reputable Site is a reputable Catholic Site with hundreds of questions and answers. It has been around for a very long time, and it’Catholic symbolisms founder, Karl Keating, is a life long Catholic who has been in many debates and is a scholarly man.

For the most part, everyone I have seen on Catholic Answers has a Master’s or higher, mostly in Theology. They have dedicated themselves to making sure what they are teaching is close to what the Father’s of the Church taught.

So it makes sense that this version would be a good version. Their reputation is on the line over it.

Great Reviews!

The reviewers on Amazon have given this Bible 4.8 out of five stars! That is pretty good and close to my rating as well! It is a great version to become aquanted to, and I think people realize that. There is not much I need to say there, it pretty much speaks for itself!

Is this the Bible for You?

Yes!!! This is the bible for everyone, Catholic or not! I recommend it especially for our series we are going over! Because of its superb translation, and it’s easy to follow format this Bible gets my five stars!

===>>> Click here to buy the Catholic Answers Bible!<<<===

I love this version of the Bible and I’m sure you will too, especially if you like to learn about other religions and how to better debate people of that religion!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below!! I will try to get back with you as soon as possible, which is usually in less than a day!

6 thoughts on “Bible and the Occult- Catholic Answers Bible Review

  1. Xarc

    This is pretty cool i suppose.

  2. Rodarrick

    The reviewed bibles always provide a better and easier explanation to the complexities of deciphering the Bible. This is great and I fancy this a lot. Thumbs up to you because for sharing. The catholic bible newly introduced  is cool and great. The fact that it is àn upgrade makes it a whole lit more better. Thank

    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you very much!  I love this Bible, it is very interesting and accurate to the original language!

  3. Antonio


    Being a Catholic myself I am well aware of Catholic editions of the Bible. Your review of the Bible seems to be spot on and to be truthful the difference between the Catholic Bible and Protestant Bible is minimal, the 7 books in the old Testament has been heavily contested for centuries. The problem is that the Jews themselves do not think the books are authentic, the Protestant sided with the Jews, the Catholics did not it is simple as that. It is funny as the Feastival of Light comes from the book of Maccabees,  a book that Jews reject. 

    The Catholics like the books as it leads to praying for the dead and purgatory, concepts that Protestant do not except. A good Bible is a source of inspiration and should be. Does this Bible come with explanatory notes?



    1. Jessie Mosley

      Thank you for the awesome post!  I love both Maccabees, and the book of Tobit, which are not in the Protestant bible sadly.  But yes, this bible does come with explanatory notes!

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